Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Soft Compositions Striking a Cord

Tulips in Vienna, 2011

Oops! I just realised I've missed last years tulips! Probably because those yellow/white-flower beds were boring, compared to the glamour, that caused a stir back in 2010:
It were those flower beds in 2010 that made me curious. I wanted to know more about the project tulip in Vienna and ended up paying the municipal gardeners a visit. Recording device included. You do know they start very early in the morning, the gardeners ... 

So ever since then, Mr Paula and I look forward to the new tulips, until they show their colours. 

This year their appearance is lets say, less dramatic, compared to 2010, one could say "more subtle", but way more exciting compared to 2010. It seems they did a wonderful job, those gardeners, who ordered the 1,1 mio tulip bulbs. Take a look:

 The gardeners anticipated the new trend, colour blocking, quite well

So what have we got: 3 shades of fuchsia/pink:

The bright fuchsia to be found in the monochromatic colour-blocking beds as seen above. But attention, did you notice those  tulips inbetween, the ones which are not in bloom yet. Who knows what colour is still to come!

Two colours, "berry-violett" +  pale pink
(as seen below)
I would call the pale pink colour soft and delicate, compared to the mayimum-hue berry-tone. At the same time, those pale pink tulips are taller than the berry-coloured ones, which puts the whole composition into a unique setting. 

(Consider yourself lucky that I was not your art-teacher. I porbably would have forced you to write pages on stuff like that, flower beds and the meaning of colours. Thoughts on colours in flower beds ... Thinking back, I might have been tortured to write pages on no-sense topics like flower beds in the past.)

For this photo I nearly risced my life - i kneeled down in the middle of the Landesgerichtsstraße, a 3-lane-road in the rare moment while no car was heading my way.

Vix, our tulips can be admired under very different circumstances compared to your tulip-experience. The gardeners probably planted those tulips for the pleasure of the drivers stuck in stop&go-traffic during rush-hour?

Mr Paula is still away, I updated him a few days ago and told him the gardeners once more have done an excellent job. I really like the softness of the composition, they do strike a cord in me.

Just in time Vix posted a highly impressive tulip acre in Oregon! I guess that would make this posting a cross-posting? 
Any tulip lovers around to join the passion for the tulips? Show us your beloved tulip flower beds!
Vix, one more year and I promise I will add the label "Tulips", to simplify the search in this blog!

The tulip-documentary has turned into a veritable chronology. So I like to finish with a guess for 2013: orange tulips ( maybe together with white tulips?) 

And my apologies for letting out 2011. Now that I remember, I really had other things on my mind around that time of the year, including an ICU. Isn't it wonderful, how "past" the past can become over time?


  1. Hi Paula, I missed reading your blog! It's been fun catching up on your posts, especially the great photos of your adventures and travels. The interiors and display cases are so beautiful but also the outdoor shots like the photos of tulips in this post. Very nice camera work!

    I've been enjoying offline time so much I don't know if I can bring myself to go back to spending so much time reading blogs on a daily basis but I will definitely keep in touch :).

    In case you're interested, here's photos from our London/Paris trip:

    Some of the new camera shots came out well. We light some of the interior and night shots best. I put titles and comments on the photos -- my only fashion regret is that I wore a very unstylish trench coat. Otherwise I think I blended in pretty well. The main thing is that we had a great time and now we can focus on the wedding coming up in 11 days!

  2. The pink would be my FAVE for sure! Isn't it a shame that tulips last such a short time! This fall I am going to plant lots of them so I can enjoy them next spring!
    Have a pretty day!

  3. Hi Ms P --

    Loving our Tulip-Obsessed Minds Think Alike blog postings (and thanks for the link...I am adding yours).

    Vienna TulipMania 2012 has a whole new look going on there -- one subtle, one a very playful rhythm -- and I have to say I rather like it!

    Shocking, I know. Thanks for sharing!