Sunday, 15 April 2012


On my way to work this LEGO consruction caught my eye. 

The basic rectangular LEGO pieces are the best, says Gary Chang, a Hong Kong-based architect, head of the Edge Design Institut, Hong Kong, and I totally agree.

Have a nice Sunday! I am off to work, editing the mountain rescue-team recordings. I hope I make it to work before the rain sets in. Grey skies in Vienna today.


  1. Great eye! I wonder how many people walk past this building never noticing the lego blocks?!
    Grey skies in Vrhnika too :-(

  2. Great! I also want to live in a "Lego-House". :-)

  3. Sunshine here! I love the details you capture in your photos.

  4. Great picture! I have quite a lego fan in my son - I showed him this photo and he was impressed. :)

  5. Thank you everone! I am delighted to see you enjoy my fun as much as I do! (this label, "fun", is ought to get bigger in 2012).

    sparrowasandsparkles, I am flattered, sure your son is an expert in terms of LEGO. :-)