Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Morning

... feels just right, when I listen to Helene Grimaud in the radio
... while watching the trees moving on the roof.
I guess the sofa is a nice alternative to sitting in the concert hall. Those seats where designed decades ago, when people where shorter compared to today's standards. And the women, browsing through the programme. Shhhhk. Shhhhk. Shhhhhk. And their patent leather bags scrunching. And the patent leather boots scrunching when they move their feet which they do all the time. Not to forget the caughing. And the ushers who sell the programmes counting the coins right in front of the doors. ding kling ding. I guess here you have it, the reason, while I prefer a season-ticket for the theatre and listend to concerts at home.
Even though the broadcasting of the concert is a recording of last week, they also broadcast the "break", because often the broadcasting is live so they developped a format for the 20-30 min. break. I always love the break, because that's when you have the chance to listen to directors of recent theatre productions before the premier. Today they talk about the play "Wastwater", we will be seing it next sunday. I feel priviledged to live in a country not only where we can visit excellent concerts and various theatre productions but also enjoy those events while sitting on our sofa.

This is called "Bildungsauftrag", educational mandate of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation and those rare moments, when the ORF is not too busy spending all its money on developping new entertainment formats and and broadcasting sports events, they do fulfull this mandate really well.

Not exactly, there is this single radio channel, oe1, where you can listen to concerts and artists-talks almost 24/7 and also listen to it up to 7 days later.

Speaking of 7 days later: this has been waiting for me for quite a while, maybe today is the day to get it done:
Sunday morning is also the perfect time for checking the blog statistics. Chopped hair on the floor and chopped hair on a cape knocked the IKEA dressing table off the top. By far!

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