Monday, 30 April 2012

Why not Blairgowrie?

Photo: markkil
 As long as I can remember, I have always longed for a trip to Scotland. 

"Greece or Scotland for a holiday?" was one of the entry question any boy who 'd wanted to win my heart had to answer.

Yes, there will be grey skies and it is very likely to rain. But guess what: Who is the woman that stays indoors all day long, as soon as the temperatures rise above 25°C and leaves the house after sunset? Yes, it's me. Cool temperatures don't scare me. Warm/hot temperatures do.

These photos were taken at the Blairgowrie Highland Games 2010. I could as well go to the famous Highland Games a few miles up north, you know, the one the Royal familiy attends but somehow I feel far more attracted to the impro-style on the field of Blairgowrie, let alone the elderly people resting on the field as pictured in the above photo, perfect!

This Country House is not far from the field, this one neither:

I love the idea of visiting Mongolia without having to study Chinese in word and letters. When I saw this photos, I knew I had found my Mongolia within Europe at Corrour station, 3hrs from Glasgow:

Photo by steflas

A place so remote, only train pass by, since there is no street around the station. :-D

xo Paula

PS: Ta-dah, the first posting labelled "Scotland". More to come!


  1. Wow, I didn't know you've been to Scotland! Looks like something straight out of a King Arthurt legend. I wonder how it would be like to live in a place that still retains some of the magic of the old times :-)

  2. Hi coffeeaddict! I have not been there, not yet. I am making plans, for August, maybe September.

  3. Oh, a misunderstanding. I thought you took the photos yourself in 2010...
    well, August or September then, followed by a thorough blog report of course :-)

  4. How exciting! I think sometimes the planning of the trip is as fun as the trip!!
    I am with you- the cool temps don't scare this girl!
    Have a Pretty day!

  5. I forgot to add- I lOVED your comment on what your THING was! BRAVO learning yet another language! wow!

  6. Same here: I love places with a cold climate. I think it's mostly because I've lived almost all my life in 30 degrees Celsius, more or less.

    Out of the three nations of Great Britain, I've always focused on England, which I suppose is typical. But I do know that Scotland is a great place to learn geology and the Scots are pioneers in the field.