Sunday, 17 June 2012

Catching Up With Element of Crime

15, maybe 20 years ago, I loved to listen to Element of Crime's music and their lyrics. Last week I started going through my CD-collection, with the aim to shrink my collection. I don't think it's right to speak of a collection when it comes to CDs, since CDs are nothing one has to keep only because one has bought the CD in the past There is no aura, nothing special about the tiny disc in the plastic cover. It is a whole different story with vinly, but you knew that.

But back to the process: So every morning I pull one CD from the shelf and play it Sheryl Crow: Gone. Bobby Brown including his signature on the cover (must have won the CD at the local radio station): Gone.

Element of Crime's "Weißes Papier" : A Keeper

Sven Regener is from Berlin, but he obviously knows the sea by heart.
You probably don't understand the lyrics, but you will hear the ship crossing the atlantic, the machines, the yearning, the comfort.

"Weißes Papier" is not only a keeper, I also contacted my co-workers, on the quest for more music from EOC.
2012 the band is pausing, I do hope they return 2013. Until then I have time to catch up with them and listen to their other 10 albums. Element of Crime would be nothing without the band, true musicians.

I know Sven Regener loathes YouTube, sorry Sven. I buy your recordings, promised! One is not enough.

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