Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rietveld DIY

 Funny, how violett the paper seems in bright sunlight.

The right wing was open over night and got wet during yesterday's rainshowers. (the wings open outwards), that's why the paper to the right is rippled.

In case you don't get it: this is our attempt to keep the office as cool as it can be. Not easy, with windows facing south-west and tmeperatures as high as 35°C during the day and no lower than 26°C over night.

As the  incurable optimist, I say at least my boss does not forbid me to do this. It could be worse than 30°C inside temperature, no?

1 comment:

  1. Try putting tin/aluminum foil; both my mother and uncle do it and they seem satisfied with the results.

    {That temperature range--everyday life for me. *Whimpers* But we have air conditioning, the cooling kind, but not every often. Electricity is very expensive here. Oh well, drink a glass of water and carry on.)