Friday, 15 June 2012

New C25k app launched!

Last year I have struggled a bit with my programmed Mp3 player - short breaks during the songs meant "stop running and walk" or "start running again", following the Couch 2 5 k programme.

It turned out that I interpreted some pauses in the music as breaks and I ended up with a red head - I simply ran too much and walked too little.

This year (I pause over the winter months and start the programme again the following year) I decided to look at my watch instead of listening to breaks. Not such a good idea when you run in the dark plus adding those numbers: 90 secs plus 90 plus 3mins plus 2 mins turns out to be a challange for the brain at a time where most of the blood is busy keeping you running, not solving math problems.

So I came up with my most recent solution, the handy app! 
The left column was the beta-version (the plain durations), the right column is the launched version 1.0

This new handy app tells me exactly when I have to run and when to walk (R-run, G=gehen), all I need to to is take a look at my watch: at 9.30 it's time to run, at 14.30 it's time to walk.

Having tried various non-iPhone-features, I definitely like this one the best.

A friend inspired me: he wrote the hotel-room-number down in his hand because he feared he might forget his room number (you know those new cards that won't tell the number of the room). We always used to use our hands as notebook. At some age we stop. I started using it again and highly recommend it.

Those not familiar with Couch 2 5 K: it is a programme that gets you to run 5km in 9 weeks, using interval training.

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