Saturday, 16 June 2012

Favourite Images - Cake

I love cake.
This is probably not the best photo one could take, but it shows one of the best cakes: the lemon tarte from Kurkonditorei Oberlaa. The lemon tarte is one of the many cakes I had at my birthday party and many friends doubted lemon will be a hit. Isn't it too exotic? To un-chocolately? Of course it was a hit! Because it is refreshing, soft and sweet. And in case I feel this hunger for chocolate, I can always order a piece of chocolate. That's one reason why I prefer Oberlaa over Landtmann: they serve tiny portions if you wish at Oberlaa whereas Landtmann only comes with huge portions, always too much after a lunch.

Friend B and I often meet at Oberlaa. We look at the elderly ladies there, who meet their elderly girlfriends and we use to say "We are going to be just like them once we reached their age". Only we don't want to wait that long and started yesterday. But be aware they close at 7.30 and at 6pm most of the cakes are sold out.


  1. And I love that piece of chocolate! You are truly fortunate to be living in reaching distance of such glorious desserts. :)

    1. I had so much fun when I chose the cakes for my 40ths birthday party, the cakes I love the best for my best friends. :)