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Weekends are always welcome for an afternoon at the museum. The Belvedere museum is located in Vienna's 3rd district, situated in Baroque palaces. The two palaces (Upper & Lower Belvedere) and the garden are listed as a UNSECO World Heritage Site.

Challenging barrier-free exhibition design as seen at the exhibition "Aging Pride"

Not all cafeterias at museums offer vegan dishes. That's why I always bring a snack.

And bottled water. A must.

Exhibit at "Aging Pride" by Brigitte Kowanz

Exhibit at "Aging Pride" by Brigitte Kowanz

The route along the exhibition leads visitors from standard white rooms, film projections rooms and black corners (see above) straight into a Baroque garden room.

Not what I expected. Warm sunlight on a late afternoon, early March

The source of the shadow on the wall

The atmosphere in the hall was just beautiful. I stayed a little longer.

Not every visitor shared the experience.

Time to explore the garden. The unfamiliar location* got me into "exploration-mode".
* Schönbrunn garden is my homebase

More people focussing on their screens. What might be more interesting than this view?

Typical garden bench and best blue sky in ages and unusual plant designs in the background

The design. Hm. Ok. I don't get it.
Great tit solo, accompanied by a lute.
Timeless branches. Some sights never change.

The hazy light reminded me of winter afternoons 20, 30 years ago. Not a lot has chanced.
A crow taking off. The enormous wall in the background called for my attention.

What a wall! Exterior wall of an adjacent building.

Built history. Excellent!

As always, I did not take any pictures with my phone.

My phone receives calls, dials numbers, receives and sends texts.

"Please, this is 2018. Really. Now. Go and get youself a Smartphone ! !"

In case we've met before, you probably know my answer. My rejection is not coquetry. It's an opinion I've built over time, based upon 

# my responsibility I know about the production conditions. Plus the lack of sustainabiliy. My current phone is a keeper.

# the effects The people I see on my way to work, in the street, in shops, at museums etc live under the influence. I love to communicate. Still, I take the liberty to live with a phone, a camera and an outdated agenda.

The agenda is coming to an end.
New edition is in the starting blocks. One word love: Handwriting!

Unfortunately my outdated lifestyle excludes me numerous instant communication channels. This blog is one way to stay in touch with dear family and friends. Wait. A blog? Seriously? I know. It's 2018 ...

OK. Lets end this with this outlook: We still have the call.

Thank you for being patient and staying in touch!

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