Sunday, 11 March 2018

Hello Spring!


This year winter has decided to stay around a little longer. The cold (-10°C at noon) we experienced early March was unusual. The snow lasted longer than normal. This is NOT what a good morning is supposed to look like in March:

Again, snow.

The weather conditions reminded me of the good cold old days, back in the early 1990's. It takes some serious minus degrees to wear this little loud gem like you would wear a floral or aquatic scent at the office. When it's -10° outside, anything goes.

Mugler's "Angel", an icon from the 1990's
Very much to my surprise Lainzer Tiergarten has already opened its gates. You know where to look for me on the weekends ...

The "Wien Blick", this time with uncommon pastels.

A boar adapted to the cold.

2 years ago I pictured this frozen lake at the Lainzer Tiergarten.

A4 baryte print from the darkroom
Kids and probably parents had thrown snowballs all over the frozen surface. I remember my disappointment back then, when I stood at the lake, wishing for a blank surface. I thought they looked like trash, disturbing.

Well,  I was wrong.

 Imagine my surprise when held the print in my hands: those white irritations aka snowballs create highlights in the picture on a otherwise dull and dark surface - the ice.

This photo is a mood board. This is how I experienced the conditions on an almost daily basis in February & early March: Unpleasant! Cold! Wet!

The nights were better. Calm. Dry.

Moonlight photography on a full moon night. (must have been the last full moon).
What I particulary enjoy about moonlight photography is the fact that all the colours are there 24/7. Only we don't see them all the time. The camera does.

A few hours later: Dawn around 6am
The lights in the distance are hospital rooms. Days at the hospital start early. Days in the neighbourhood not so much:

This is 6.30am. In Vienna the majority of people does not get up before 6.45am

Having experienced so many overcast days you can imagine my joy when dawn turned into this:

Sunbeams, at last!

I could sit and watch the light wandering over the table forever. So I did.

So bright!

I can hear hear the birds singing with excitment.
Can you hear them, too?


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