Sunday, 4 March 2018

Living Room


So we have come to terms with this endless winter. How to spend an entertaining afternoon - or evening - away from your sofa when the park benches are covered with snow?

Good to know Vienna holds plenty of decent answers, such as a traditional Viennese Café:

Café Prückel in Vienna

This old fashioned Café is a place where you can easily spend 2 hours, maybe 3 or even 4 hours with good company. Is it already listed on the UNSECO Intangible Heritage list, such as Pizza

Fair prices on the menu encourage consumption. Not to forget vegan options that go beyond french fries and bread rolls, a real kitchen with actual home made dishes and pastries.

Such traditional Cafés can not be taken for granted in times where truly disappointing options pop up every other week, targeting at tourists with convenience food for $$$. 

An oldfashioned Café is a good location for any late afternoon

Why not remain in the time travel mode and see "The Shape of Water" on the big screen?

By big, I mean really big! Mr Paula suggested the Gartenbau Kino for this particular movie and he was right!

This movie theatre opened around the time where "The Shape of Water" is set. The scenes up on the screen mirrored the design of the movie theatre. It was 100% perfect, just like an excetion of the setting we found ourselves in.

The barriere-free stair lift is a recent adaption.

Interiors from the 1960's

Picure me, admiring the beautiful setting

The big screen at the Gartenbau movie theatre

But sometimes the best living room is the one that welcomes you in your pyjamas. 

I can spot a connection to the 1960's setting at the Gartenbau.

Once again, stay warm!

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