Monday, 19 March 2018

Sunny Skywatch

The Gürtel, one of the main roads in Vienna

Last friday I view the streets from a rare perspective, from the front seat in a car. On our way to a nearby city I took advantage of my free hands and pictured the drive.

Let me take you along the route, heading South – a route many commuters take on Fridays.
A construction site in front of a high-rise (high-rise according to Viennese standards)

Along the Triester Straße

Probably my favourite shot. The new facade mirrors a typical buidling (probably early 1960s).
Railtracks crossing car routes

Exzellent shapes, make me think of Robert Venturi

Suburban culture reflects at the Wiener Berg

First time I noticed this building.

A suburban crossing with public transport nearby (the busstop to the right). Maybe you did not notcie, but even the grim street as seen on the first picture comes with a bus stop,  probably the "Vienna Nightline".

Blue is the colour for highways. South! East!

Slowing down, we are not alone

On the A2 heading South

Old fashioned non-SUVs on the road

This feels so good!

Time to watch the clouds
Almost there

Ahhh, this was a nice change of pace. Meanwhile we are back to this:

March, behave!
In case you have not heard of Skywatch Friday: The Skywatch community posts sky views from all over the world.

Stay warm!


  1. Thanks for taking us along with you! I like how shooting from the car gives you different perspectives that you normally don’t see unless you risk getting ran over. The low sunlight was nice. I believe the reflection was my favorite also. Would you believe we had snow on the first day of Spring? It’s day 2 and freezing temperatures are still in the forecast. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Travis!
      Snow in the South? Not what I expected.
      And the cameras turn cold in no time ... the cold is not the photographers best friend. Stay warm!