Wednesday, 14 March 2018



2018 comes with plenty of downtime that I love to spend at home, circling around the kitchen.

One is never enough: Bialetti's iconic Macchinettas

Having explored the facets of Cauliflower, it was time to move on to Brussels sprouts.

I could halt and just admire them as they were. So I did.
Can you tell how much I enjoyed carving trimming the stems? No irony here!

Brussels sprouts are versatile, you can cook them in a pan.
You can also cook them in a casserole.
Experiencing cold times, the casserole was my choice.

A casserole in the oven leaves you with plenty of time. Time to tackle some household chores. The following photos speak for themselves. 


Time to check the casserole in the oven ...

Lemon juice is always a good choice.

Barely ready, the meal is already gone. This leads us to the final chapter in the kitchen.

Macchinetta hardly ever soaks in dish detergent, hot water should be enough. 

I made really good use of the hiatus and even managed to finish another photo album. This vacation has been sitting in a box for ages. By ages I mean decades. 2 to be precise. :-o

Sticking and glueing: done. 
Next: journaling.  

Speaking of vacations: In case you plan to visit Vienna next March: You have been warned!

Imagine spring

You know where to look for me:

See you soon!


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