Sunday, 25 March 2018

Hay Perfume


I have passed this building in the past countless times. 

This week, for the first time ever, I noticed a strong, unfamiliar scent. Hay? in the first disctrict, right in the city centre?

Hay fragrant effusing from tilted windows
It was at this very spot that I halted and sniffed. Heavenly hay! What a pleasant and unique scent. 

No doubt, there must be large haystacks sitting behind these tilted windows on the ground floor, which absolutely makes sense btw, since the walls house the stables of the Spanish Riding School.

Around the corner you will find this view:

The courtyard of the Spanish Riding School.

Horses can be pretty admirable.

They happened to find me admirable, too.

The big picture

It turned out the horses were not admiring my presence, but waiting for dinner to be served. 
Not much later two employees came and poured grains (?) into those built-in basins inside the stables.  

To the right you can see two "food basins", built in the wall.

Dinner arrived and the horses turned around.

A few minutes later, the whole setting altered. Employees closed the stable fronts and turned off the lights.

Closing time comes early at city centre.

Most traditional shops close around 6pm.

It's summer time in Austria, so we better turn off the lights early, too.

Have a good time,

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