Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Having listened to an interview with Alice Miller (The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self), I was in the mood for a sentimental time journey.

During the last 3 weekswe spent at my parents' appartment, I spotted some souvenirs of my past. I remember all of them, old friends:
An 1907's interpretation of races. This used to be a cushion-cover. now it is used for seperating laundry.

The dutch lady (you can see her shoes) representing the Caucasian race ...

This cover almost falls apart, my mother glued it together. The former green cucumber bleached in the sun.

Why didn't she just throw that cover away? My father treasures our memories, too. He started to digitize all the Kodak-Ektachromes of our past life when we were a young family.

Looking at this picture:

... I feel a certain certainty: Yes, I am not adapted and I never was. If only I could retrieve my former boldness. :) and dare sipping from pool-water!


  1. Seems like you are very organised with your receipts and accounts!
    That is awesome!
    We have to keep a million receipts or work and tax. It's not very fun.
    D likes to use Excel for our accounts too. Makes everything a lot easier.

    I have learnt a lot about showers and toilets because I am renovating a house! It will be an interesting learning experience. The house is from the 1960s and Some of it is original.

    As for eating after the detox they said to have wholemeal grains, beans, legumes and vegies so I will try and stick to that but It wont be the easiest.
    Lots of yummy foods to be had!

  2. Dear P
    I didn't reply to you on facebook as I do not have an account for faux fuchsia. Your comment didn't bother me that much but I didn't receive a lot of criticism that day which was annoying. I get a lot of criticism on the blog which can be irritating. Take Cre. FF x

  3. FF, oh, what a misunderstanding this seems to be!
    I am not on facebook , neither! That's why I have the emailaccount "ratherthanfacebook@gmx.at", it is a simple emailadress, nothing more!
    Glad to hear you I did not bother you that much :)

  4. sorry about that- I thought I had to reply on facebook? Not bothered, have a great week.