Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Pistachio Paste Worth 300 EUR or Compulsive Behaviour

What is it, that fixes me on something that was of no importance before and all of a sudden my whole world seems to turn around this:

A Food Processor. I need it. I don't want to live without it. Why?

The sudden need for a food processor actually came a long way: it started with my desire for a kitchen machine until I found out I love to mix with my small hand mixer and lots of different bowls. I don't want the large kitchen machine that comes with a 3 or 4 litre bowl and then I would need exactly those bowls because the machine does not accept other bowls ... not a good idea. But the Food Processor of course would be somehting totally different. I noticed the Food Processor can do things, I can't with any of the appliances I own so far. For exampe turn pistachios into a pistaccio paste. For the price of 300 EUR.

... all of a sudden my whole world seems to turn around this:
Velvet Hangers. I want all my hangers in the cabinett to look alike. Though my clothes don't. Why those hangers?

I don't own a TV set and watch no TV shows. I know thoses hangers are on heavy rotation on home shopping channels on television. I have lived happily with ordinary hangers for decades. I don't really support the idea of extra slim hangers, because the fabrics will be wirnkled and crushed when you put too many hangers in your closet.

I can tell you, it is exhausting, developing a desire for something of no importance. Sometimes it can even cause a headache. Or sleepless nights. Mammamia!

I won't close without a happy ending:
Yesterday night Mr Paula and I had to prepare our appartment for the cleaning lady who visits us one time per month. The night before she comes (she shows up at 8am sharp) always meant some late night major action, putting away all the stuff so she can clean the sufaces and tops. Yesterday night all of a sudden it was such a quick and easy task, thanks to all the stuff I got out of the appartment over the last months.

Hello Adrienne! Thank you for following my blog. I love to take photos in Vienna and publish them on my blog. Today, March 3, it's still 0°C with snow flakes in the air. Please be patient, there will be lots of outdoor photos shown here soon.


  1. I have one craving like those: I want a kitchen aid! But there's no way I can afford how much it costs in Cyprus,so it'll just remain on my wish day ;)

  2. Hi Marcela! Oh yes, the Kitchen Aid has a huge potential, too. It is unreasonable expensive over here in Europe, costs 3 times more than it costs in the US, probably due to customs? Thank you for your comment!

  3. I love my food processor and my mixer but at the prices you've said, I would think twice about buying them as well.

    My mixer was about $350CAD and my food processor was about $70CAD, so I couldn't imagine paying 700-800 EUR for a mixer.

    Good luck with your decision!

    ps. I'm still waiting for cake photos as promised. lol

  4. Jen, you are right, the cake! Due to my headache(s) I haven't spent a lot of time blogging, I will catch up on that specific topic. Thank you for being patient.

  5. Matching hangers sound like a great idea...maybe when they are installed you'll show us your clever new closet!

  6. If only they weren't so pricey ... 150$ for a complete set (about 70 hangers and accessoires) and I am not even sure if I like the sticky feeling of cotton on the velvet hanger. Actually I KNOW I don't like it and prefer the slippery plastic hanger. It's getting worse 8-)

  7. I have a few small appliances destined for the charity store. They were going to change my life, but..... And just think of the deliciousness our mothers and grandmothers created with the basic kitchen equipment... chop, whisk, stir, beat. FF speaks wisely of the therapeutic value of these activities.
    Kindest regards,

  8. marina, I agree! Nothing tastes better than grandma's cooking. Speaking of FF, you find a kitchen machine in her favourite-things list to the right. You can be sure, the moment I get a such a device or similar, I will inform the whole world about it. :-)

  9. Long ago, I had all sorts of gadgets in my kitchen. When we moved, there simply was no room for them in the new (=old ) kitchen, so I sold/donated them all. No regrets. All we have left, is the electric mixer and toaster, both used v e r y seldom. I could keep the toaster in the cupboard and have more room on the kitchen table. Now, how come did I not think about that before?

  10. Paula,

    You really know how to make a girl feel welcome. Thank you for saying "hello" to me in your post. I apologize for my tardiness.

    I have a food processor and really do like using it, but I detest cleaning the darn thing. When I make hummus, I literally have to get out a toothpick to clean the paste out of the grooves. That makes me not want to use it as often because if there is one thing I do not enjoy it's washing dishes!

  11. i totally understand this compulsive desire for somethin - for me it was a slow cooker, had to have one; am tempted by food processor too! xx

  12. metscan, you amazed me today with your 2 hairdryers in your bathroom. :-)

    Adrienne, that sounds bad, with the toothpic and so. I undestand why you would not want to use it.

    Blighty, go for it! I can only tell you: I got it, it is 4 hours old in our household, looks great and I feel as if a new age started today. yay!

  13. I had to have a big mixer a few years ago. I forgot I don't bake sweets that much unless it's for someone other than just me...and I prefer to make bread by hand.

    You, however, spend a lot of time in the kitchen; seems like you will get your cost per use down very quickly. So I say get moving!