Friday, 28 January 2011

New Feature and Developping Narcissism

I just returned from the restrooom in the office to find my scarf behaving in a sort of flight attendent-way, which I like.

Of course the scarf would never stay in that position during any flight.

My hair on the contrary looks as if it survived some turbulences. Should not be so careless, even on a casual friday. While meditating on the scarf I see the unexpected: a beautiful ear. Ear-narcissism? I can live with that.


  1. Yours scarf looks lovely....I have a distinct weakness for silk...

  2. what a pretty picture. i love your ear!


  3. nice ear! I do also reallty love the scarf

  4. Yes, the picture is nice, but I would like to see all of it!

  5. hostess, I share your weakness to 100%, Unfortunately Chanel does not sell the carrees they used to sell 18 years ago. Heavy, but not too heavy.

    janet, thank you. portraits taken from the side hold surprises (not necessarily taken at the police station)

    Jen, what a funny day, I am creating Ear-fans Haha

    Mette, just send me an email. I prefer the quasi-privacy emails provide. Naive? Maybe!

  6. The scarf looks great!!
    If I ever tie a scarf, I am always too uncoordinated to be able to tie it the same way again!
    Details aren't my thing!!!

  7. The scarf looks great, and I'm envious of your delicate shell-like ear!

    At least my large winged beauties are very good for eavesdropping, ha.

  8. Now that is a PRETTY ear!
    Oh my ! I laughed so hard when I read that about your hair & turbulance! Hahahahahahahhahahahahah!!!!!!!!

    OH!! LOVE IT! Running into an ex , looking PRETTY! THat is awesome!!! whoo hooo! go girl!
    Have a pretty day!

  9. Paula, I PROMISE pic's tomorrow!!!!!!!

  10. The StylishShoeGirl, I am like you! That's why I had to take the picture.

    Vix, yay, delicate :-) btw: did you notice the Brenda-Lee-Johnson-appearance if the stud in my ear?

    Kristin, I am so looking forward to seeing photos soon