Monday, 29 August 2016

Closing Time


the hour before the gates at Schönbrunn Palace gardens close is a good time to explore detail, walking around at random ...
Palmenhaus at Schönbrunn Palace gardens (glasshouse) in the evening sun
groomed bushes
No matter how often I see them (you see them quite often in Vienna), they always get my attention.
The basic geometrical never go out of style

Now look at that! (awe)
Haha, a black sheep

Distant relatives observing from the shade
Lets move on to architecture:
Am I right to channel a french palais?

The condition of the renovated glasshouse is astonishing

Time to check out what's going inside. Oh, they grow hydrangeas in the "Palmenhaus".

 Art-deco (haha. wordplay)

Another peek inside. Wait. Sunflowers? Bizarre.

Am I right to channel a Parisian metro station?

Walking around 1 hour before the gates close is a huge experience.

Vastness or should I say unexpected perspective

A peek inside the Schönbrunn Zoo, after closing hours. The Zoo closes before the palace gardens.

A familiar perspective for regular joggers: the West-East-axis in the Schönbrunn Palace gardens
Treelovers will be very, very happy at Schönbrunn.
Pure bliss

The best things in life are free

Underrated birds crossed our paths. Watching crows walking around triggers instand relaxation. I think they are cute. And yes, I know they eat birds.
... as long as I don't stress myself capturing nice shots of crows.

The crow ressort at Schönbrunn Palace gardens including serveral pools.

Time to leave. Gates are open 365 days throughout the year.

Summer is coming to an end.
Bienvenue la rentrée!


PS:  Don't worry, the green spam will come to an and soon, since we've moved back to the city centre were trees and lawns are rare.


  1. wundervolle fotos - für mich besonders die, auf denen himmelsblau und pflanzengrün auf die glasscheiben treffen. schön habt ihr's in wien! liebste grüße - bärbel ☼

    1. Danke liebe Bärbel! Nach der ausgiebigen Sommerfrische geht es jetzt wieder Richtung Innenstadt. Da wird es auch viel zu sehen geben. knips knips. :-)