Sunday, 21 August 2016


Hello dear readers!

STAYCATION! With capital letters.

Five years ago I started this new tradition. 2016 it's time for another Staycation.
Meanwhile I know what to expect:

  • Spending time en plein air instead of airport terminals

  • Resting on comfy balcony chairs instead of those seats at boarding gates

  • Time to take close looks instead of rushing through busy schedules

Well, those who know me/my blog, know that I am the last person on this planet who would rush any kind of trip abroad. My schedules look more like this and this.

Staycation 2016: 5 km away from home, housesitting at my parents' home.
Very pleasing alternative to all possible trips abroad: the balcony

 The bumblebee became a regular visitor.

Happy furry insects are a lovely company

Spot the busy bumblebee

Could be that the bumblebee sensed the upcoming change of weather?

Main duty while house-sitting: watering all the plants. 

This is what the balcony looks like 24 hrs later:

Today is another day. A day where the sky does the watering.
Mirror, mirror on the leaf

Such a relaxed way to start a new day ... getting in touch with blossoms.

All pictures were taken with a SIGMA DP2 Merrill / 50mm. This camera loves overcast skies as much as I do. :-)

Staycation's middle name? Spare money!
 ... which leads to lasting memories aka souvernirs.

Have a lovely, relaxed sunday,
may it be cool like ours ... or hot like summer.


  1. staycation sounds great!! after our wedding and the trip to florida i would have needed 2 more weeks to relax.. but .. i am back at work and almost as exhausted as before our holiday...

    1. Congratulation, newly weds!
      Your trip reminds my of our Cuba trip - it took a week at Mondsee to fuel our batteries.

      PS: Hier darf gerne auch deutsch kommentiert werden, ganz wie du magst. :-)