Monday, 8 August 2016


Oh, how I love the wetlands in Lower Austria. They are nothing new, only that I have discovered them recently. The "Nationalpark Donauauen" (National Park Danubian Wetlands) starts in the outskirts of Vienna and goes all the way down the Danube River towards Slovakia. 

Standing in the middle of the wetlands, you experience the overwhelming soundscape, wild animals.  Amphibians, birds, water animals. It was a spectacular experience. I have to go back and explore the wetlands a bit further.

vintage 6x6 TLR camera: YashicaMat 124-G / Film: Kodak Portra

The "disturbing depth of field" is on purpose. Well, maybe aside from all-too-prominent blurry leave in the foreground. ;-)


  1. You just need to draw an eye on your leaf and you will have a new water animal!

  2. Nice light! Kodak Portra, mainly 400, is one of my favorite color film stocks.

    1. Portra changed the way I see. Somedays the light has this "Portra mood". I did not notice this until I got to know this film.