Monday, 29 August 2016

Japanese Garden in Schönbrunn


within the Schönbrunn Palace Gardens there is a corner they designed like a Japanese garden. 

In case you want to visit this spot at Schönbrunn: you'll find it right behind the huge glass house, known as Palmenhaus Schönbrunn.

"Japanese Garden" in Schönbrunn

Not that I am the most educated expert when it comes to Japan and gardens but this time you have to believe me: this (obviously quite interesting garden design) is a poor copy of anything Japanese.

See the small water pipe? (front, left)? A few years ago this pipe behaved like it was supposed to: a small water drop dripped down, then another one, and then another one and after a looong while, where was so much water in the small bassin that it caused a piece of wood to lose its balance and the water poured onto a lower level and the pipe began top drip one drop after the other. Now THAT's what I call a Japanese garden pipe gem. But this? Nah. The once adored, super cool Zen-water pipe no longer is. Instead the did ... what? Something weird.

So I did what I had to to lift my mood. I turned away, 180° to be precise. And look what I found:

You, who know me well, you see this and read my thoughts, right? ;-))

Have a good start into this new week!

*Japanese for "good morning"

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