Friday, 21 January 2011

As Seen From the Nightstand

Having a cold is a sweaty business. The nights give me an idea what going through menopause might feel like. So today - since I am doing and getting better (yay, the doctor confirmed so) - time for new linens. Do you like the state of chaos as much as I do? Throwing everyhing onto a big pile in the middle of the bed and working your way through.

Next to the bed stands the nightstand, two tubes accompany me before falling asleep. One smells yummy, the other not so.

The yummy tube, for hands and nails. I like to place my hands close to my nose at night since this smells so yummy!

The not so yummy but all the more efficient tube: Fexitol

Friend B. admires neat heels on strange men's feet (at least during our vacation in Brittany she did ;-)). I did not consider soft skin around the heel as an asset until then. After all the hiking and skimountaineering, the feet like this foot balm a lot and this balm makes a difference.

Surprise, surprise, this product is made in down under! #1 in Australia and England.

Speaking of which: Having seen Oprah in Australia part 1 - not having seen Oprah before - I can't help it but call this show disturbing. I caught up with older episodes, from the studio and what really disturbes me is the audience. The audience behaves like seals or monkeys in the zoo during feeding hour only they don't get bananas and fish but coupons. Now I understand why Tom Cruise - the picture went around the globe - jumped on that sofa like a monkey. It was probably appropriate.


  1. No, no. No chaos for me ; )
    One of the lovely feels to have is soft hands and heels : )

  2. Liebe Paula,
    mich hat diese Woche auch ein mieser, kleiner Darmvirus erwischt. Ich war zu gar nix zu gebrauchen, nicht mal bloggen und das will was heißen... ;)
    Deine Fersencreme muss ich mal testen für *happy feet* :))
    Sonnenschein-und-Schnee-Grüße, Beate

  3. Oh, Oprah! I haven't seen her show in a while, but I admit, whenever she did her annual Oprah's favorite things episode, I got very excited even when I wasn't receiving any of the cashmere blankets or whatever. And then I felt disgusted at myself for being so materialistic.

  4. Metscan, hands can get rough so easily when its cold like now!

    Beate, ich habe gesehen, dir geht es wieder besser! Hier in Wien nennen wir diese Virus den 48h Virus - er erwischt einen voll und wie durch ein Wunder ist man nach 3 Tagen wiederhergestellt. Schnupfen ist da blöderweise zäher.

    Tracy, thank you for commenting! I am glad I did not offend you with my posting. I have not thought of the materialistic aspect yet, you are so right!

  5. Ive never seen that lotion before!
    I wonder if it is popular in australia?

    people on oprahs audience get very excited dont they?!
    atleast oprah shares a bit of her wealth.
    thats good of her.

  6. Hi Paula,
    I've just read the further comments you posted. I'm home after 50 hours straight travel, not in the A380, but an old 747 that was hideously uncomfortable. Have JETLAG and flue/cold so am behind on everything.
    I'll post some answers to your questions about why go north for winter, and also re: Bruno and Marie do France!
    PS The old Jumbos, (even in first class) are so horrible and uncomfortable compared to the A380, that Georgie refused to come out of the cabin bag for the entire trip home!

  7. Cotton Socks, funny this balm is not known in Australia, I mean it's your #1 foot balm :-)

    Louise, hope you leave those nasty souvenirs behind you soon! Jetlag, 50 HOURS TRAVEL (souting) plus the flu, now this sounds pretty bad. Wise Georgie, staying in the cabin bag. Only promise me please you wont quit your blog now your journey is over.

  8. Yet again we've been living parallel lives -- wish I had some of your magic balm as my whole face was chapped from weeks of annoying nose-blowing!

    As I'm catching up it looks like you are feeling better; glad to hear it!