Monday, 10 January 2011

Honey Bears

Very good company: Marie Curie (the eager one, with a burnt forehead due to radiation-experiments) and Bruno (the laid-back, relaxed one)

We are back in Vienna. Like many times before I felt a little nauseous today, it is hard to adapt to the city, the concrete, the density, the dirt ...

Packing my purse in the morning (this takes some time since I am a "What if-lady"), I noticed the purse works as a compensation for me. A compensation for not being surrounded by nature, a compensation for having to stay inside a building during the whole day. A compensation for living a tad against my true nature.

The moment I looked at my black, glossy Tod's G-bag, my mood lifted. And when I put the little Azur Pochette into the G-bag my mood lifted even more. And putting the Dior lipstick on my lips recovered the rest. They are literal charms! If you know what cheers you up, go for it as long as your account remains balanced.

The beekeeper takes good care of his bees ...
Before we left Carinthia, the foehn arrived - a warm storm that melts the snow and ice like nothing. On the sunny side of the valley the bees woke up! Every other house owns beehives. A few seasons ago I started buying honey as souvenir. Every time a honey from a different valley makes its way to our home.

... he puts them to sleep with mattresses!

Cute bees! Just thinking of them makes me feel better.

I think I might post some more pictures from the vacation, since there are some nice photos left up my sleeve, like this one:

They sting like bees and taste sweet like honey :-)

Have a good night, whenever and whereever you return to your home today!

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