Thursday, 20 January 2011

Red Ears and a Lot of Juice

Having returned from work with a touch of fever, a sore throat and clicking ears since Monday, I went to the doctor and he found something I had no clue about: red ears, in the inside. This might have been the first appointment at the doctor when a doctor lookes into my ears when I come to see him because of my sore throat. Interesting, huh? Long story short, I stayed at home today, dripping drops into my nose which reach my ears from the deep inside. Resting keeps the fever down and I don't feel guilty anymore when coughing.

How about a short tour through the Paula Mansion? Here you can see the top shelf in the kitchen.

To the left you can see the alcohol. I use alcohol for cooking only. The bottle to the right has a special status because it is still new. Two items will leave the house by tonight. No, NOT the radio!

In case you wonder, no, these two fellows may stay, at least for a while

Tealight nr. 1 was a gift, handmade but not my style.

Tealight nr.2 was a souvenir from London, 1999. Very 1999.

The tealights will have to leave because I did not use the tealights a single time during the darkest period, called winter.

Cooking is all about tasting. Just in case you wonder how I taste, here is the menu:
From left to right: Delices, essence, ZEN, el Cuero

These are all the perfume bottles I own. Right now they are of no use since I cannot smell anything.

Ooops, I left the kitchen too fast. There is still something I wanted to share with you. It is the reason for today's posting.
This bucket is extremly handy.

I use it as a bin, as a bucket(washing the floors) and for soaking clothes etc.. Every winter I look out for it in the supermarket. You get it for free, but it comes with approx.6,5kg of oranges! It is one of those buckets that are filled up with fruits.

And when I return with this bucket (like every 1 or 2 years),I feel like returning with a trophy. Probably because I start looking for it in october (as soon as oranges arrive on the shelves) but the buckets wont arrive until january.

The remains of the 6,5kg.

The oranges in the bucket can only be squeezed. They are bloody red inside. After all the orange juice I risc a slight hyperacidity. Good there is still some vegetable-soup in the fridge. Actually the first Jamie Oliver recipe I ever tried that did not look like the photo in the magazine/cookbook, when it was ready. It turned out brownish instead of greenish.
Wonder why...

Kleenex-consuption while writing this posting: 2
Coughs: 4

No, I did not wipe the shelf before taking the pictures.
Yes, I am surprised, too, who clean the top shelf above the height of the head actually is. :-))


  1. Hello Paula,
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I left a reply for you there re: sis-in-law.
    I love your bucket, but don't envy the juicing-fest you obviously have to engage in to actually get the bucket.

    I love your post about Pieter Bruegel the Elder's "Winter Scene with Skaters" because we've just had 4 weeks in St Petersburg, Finland and Norway and that image kept popping into my head.

  2. I hope you feel better! Thanks for the tour of your shelf. I love the chinese cat and the smurf.

  3. Louise, your span between sledge-riding in the north and Hermes in milder climates is amazing! Funny, how some things did not change over the years, even centuries, like the pure pleasure with snow.

    Jen, thank you! Yes, the medicine worked for me. Lucky only a mild virus hit me this time. I did not lose my appetite. What can make you quite fat or at leat feel fat within 2, 3 days when not moving at all.