Saturday, 1 January 2011

Pieter Bruegel Revisited - Silver Lake

Hello New Year!

Having spent the morning in the snuggery (Stube?!) , watching the New Years Concert with the handsome conductor Franz Welser Möst, eating salmon, creamcheese, freshly squeezed orange juice and croissants, we put on our warm jackets and left the house.

After yesterday's discovery - the lake side - I searched for another lake, one that would provide sun during the late afternoon and what an enjoyable lake we found: Silver Lake.

Mr Bruegel, those images you painted - they come to life, almost 500 years after you painted the "Hunters in the Snow".

I justed found out that this painting hangs in Vienna! And even better, starting January 22, they offer guided tours for children, where they expain the first real winter painting, showing people curling, skating and playing hockey. In 1565!!!

Today they served hot punch and tea on the ice. Parents pulled their toddlers on sledges criss cross and we walked around and across the lake until the sun set.

The Damier Azur design is meant to be a pattern mainly for the summer months. Louis Vuitton releases its new Azur purses mainly in spring. I thought of it as a summery purse too, just until I discovered that the vachetta suffers way more from oily sweaty hands than it suffers from gloves and chilly winds. By suffering I am not talking about the beautiful patina but dirt stains on the handles.
After today I am convincedit is the perfect all-year-around-purse. The design compliments the light- temperature (kelvin) after a sunset on a winter day so nicely.

Since there was no hiking at all during todays events, I simply label the posting with Fashion. :-)


  1. During the past few days, you have shown such beautiful pictures.Thank you Paula.
    Agreed, your LV can be worn throughout the year!

  2. Wonderful! Love that lake.

  3. metscan, I am happy to read you enjoy the documentary! It is indeed a very attractive region. A colleague of mine is also very fond of Carinthia.

    Lisa, what makes those scenes so special to me is the fact that all the young people go outside and move, together with their friends and families instead of sitting in front of the TV or gameboy. In Vienna it is different from here.

  4. A wonderful way to burn off a delicious breakfast!

    The penultimate picture is beautiful! The snow, the light, the shadows of the mountains in the backgrounds-- beautiful!


  5. What a beautiful walk Paula and I loved that you matched the painting to what you are seeing around you. I agree, I think you have found the perfect all-year-round purse!

    Jeanne xxx

  6. I am so happy to find new comments! :-*

    Tracy, yay, the fatburning mode is still "on".

    Jeanne, without the blog I would not have wondered about Bruegel at all! This tiny purse is really handy. Plus it does not scream "LV" :-))

  7. Liebe Paula,
    es hat was, wenn man den Ort aufsucht, an dem ein Bild entstanden ist, dass man kennt!Man sieht es dann durch des Maler`s Augen....
    Meine Eltern, ich und Norbert (mein Mann) unternahmen vor vielen Jahren eine mehrstündige Wanderung durch schottische Higlands.Es war eine ganz wunderbare,abwechslungsreiche Landschaft und zum Schluss entdeckte meine Mutter in einer kleinen Gallerie Ölbilder von ganz markanten Stellen, an denen wir vorbeigelaufen waren! Natürlich hängen die Bilder heute im Haus meiner Eltern.....besser als ein Foto! :)
    Frische Januargrüße, Beate :)

  8. 500 year old painting! WOW! And then you were able to see what he painted in real life. how cool is that!!!!!
    I agree - that purse is GREAT!
    Have a pretty day!

  9. Beate, Kristin,
    oh no, this is a misunderstanding! I had the old painting on my mind when I took the photo. We were not in the place where the painter captured the scene. On the other hand I should not be too disappointed, having misled you, since you obviously see the same I saw in the scenery! :-)

  10. I don't know if you've read "Little Women" but your description reminded me of loads of tales of New England (Massachusetts and Connecticut) winters gone by.

    [Here's a little context: ]

    You know I am actually a sucker for wholesome fun given my usually unwholesome thoughts -- looks like you had a wonderful day! Thanks for the lovely photos.

  11. Just read your comment on Faux Fuchsia. Phew I am not alone. I'm getting so paranoid about what I show on my blog now as I keep thinking about burglars!

  12. Vix, I need to return to the city immediately! Just starting the article on Old Sturbridge Village makes my eyes water. I am not myself anymore! All this idyll! Never heard of Little Women before, I should though, because even the Japane know it:

    Tabitha, you are definitely not alone, but showing (off) fake pearls can also be fun. Without her Hermes scarfs online I would have missed FF's blog, because that's what I googled and how I found her: Hermes. Scarf.

  13. Ich habe mich mal hier durchgeklickt. Du hast Stil, das Bild mit der LV-Pochette ist großartig. :-)

    Btw, ich vermisse hier den Google-Translate-Button. Vielleicht lässt sich dieses Werkzeug leicht integrieren. Liebe Grüße aus dem Ruhrgebiet, Miss P.

  14. Hallo Miss Passiflora! Danke für deinen Besuch :-)
    Damals - als ich das Posting geschrieben habe, gab es fast nur englischsprechende LeserInnen, darum kein translate-button und so. Die Übersetzung war auch immer recht ... fantasievoll :-)

    Jetzt schreibe ich deutsch/englisch. Ich kann den translate-Button gern nachträglich aktivieren.

    Schön zu lesen, dass dir mein Stil gefällt. Von einem Lifestyleblog ist Paula's Diary ja weit entfernt, dafür interessieren mich zu unterschiedliche Dinge. :-)

  15. Ich danke Dir ebenfalls für Deinen Kommentar. Ich bin notorisch neugierig, deshalb finde ich die Blogoshäre sehr sehr spannend. Es ist nicht zu übersehen, dass Du an den schönen Dingen interessiert bist. ;-)

    1. Leider habe ich die "widget" Funktion vor kurzem deaktiviert und kann sie jetzt nicht mehr finden: da wurden zu einem Posting passend weitere Postings vorgeschlagen. Ich wollte nicht mehr "Werbung in eigener Sache" machen, aber jetzt, wo doch einige neue Besucher vorbeischauen würde es wieder Sinn machen.

      PS: die Passiflora ist übrigens eine wirklich schöne Blüte! eine aufregende Blüte ;-)

    2. PS: Widget läuft wieder! :)