Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lisa Eldridge, You Made my Day

"You want to sort of put back your socket line you used to have. So if you just raise your eyebrows to start off and just pat where you think it should be."

I just discovered her channel and I love everything about her: what she has to say, her tutorials, her thoughts on make up and her soothing voice. Compared to all the shrill voices on YouTube ...

She has such a knowledge and she is happily sharing her knowledge and even taking her time to answer all the questions. How nice is that!

She is taking this stuff quite seriously, but she should, she is a professional make up artist.

Lisa Eldridge
And here is one of her Video Tutorials on Anti Ageing Make-Up Tips: Eyes, Brows, Lips.
08:30 min - here she talks on Lipstick and her mimic is sooo cute !


  1. Just watched this and she's great!
    I need to go get some new products!

    Thank you for this info!

  2. Hello hostess of the humble bungalow, I am glad you are enjoying her presence, too and thank you for following. Lisa is such a good tutor. And she already answered one of my questions on YouTube.

  3. Na, da gehe ich doch gleich mal gucken... :)
    Liebe Paula, ich habe soeben registriert, dass ich die gleiche braune Strumpfhose habe wie Du!Das Muster und die Farbe kam mir gleich so bekannt vor....und ich habe Dir noch eine Nachricht auf meiner Seite mit dem *Stiftzahntiger* geschrieben!
    Es schneit schooon wieder bei uns.....liebste Grüße, Beate

  4. ich habe es auch gesehen :-) liebe Grüße

  5. I have never heard of her! I must listen to her! Thank you for sharing Paula.
    THANK YOU FOR YOUR AWESOME COMMENT ON MY BLOG!!!!!!!!! Mr. Paula.... he needs to bring his pretty back too! hahahha!

  6. Beate, ich bin gespannt, ob dir Lisa's Art ebenso zusagt wie mir.

    Design Elements, schon was ausprobiert? Ich bürste meine Augenbrauen jetzt so hinunter wie im Video erklärt, so viele kleine Kniffe!

    Kristin, Lisa will bring the Pretty Back for sure, she is adorable, no?