Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Cursing - Out of the Blue

You might be surprised - as much as I was - when you get to read the truth about me.

*Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I am writing this posting without my glasses on because there is this ridiculous seamud-mask drying on my face rright now which acutally got stone-hard int he meantime and I can't see really sharp. I will proofread it tomorrow!*

Yesterday I had my 1st appointment at the physiotherapist. My target: keeping my lower back painfree. During the last 2,5 yrs I suffered from severe backpain, 3 times and ended up in the hospital, eating way too many drugs. The last time it took me full two weeks until I could move without problems. Ok, so now I am starting with a prophylactic apporach. The calculation is very simple: if you have no muscles in front, you will get a pain in the back, sooner or later.
And I can tell you: I loathe this challenge, I end up cursing from the deepest heart, on the floor, repeating the exercises I learnt yesterday.

Have you ever seen those docu-soaps where fat people stand in front of a mirror in their underwear, before starting with the diet? Yesterday I saw myself in the mirror and could only think of losers ... like me. I lost any sign of anything like a solarplexus, power or muscle force around my belly button. When doing the first crunches I could hardly move my torso. Me, who walks up mountains (mountains! not hills!) with heavy skis and boots on my feet, for hours! Me, who cycles all year round! Me who is not supposed to be a loser. OMG. I probably needed this slap in the face. I know, the only way to cure the back for good are abs.

3 exercises for the abdomen and 2 stretching exercises, whereof this one is pure pain and torture. Please take a look and try at home. You will find yourself cursing like you never did before! Make sure, kids are out of the house.

still from the training video

The good thing about the stretching: it hurts SO badly, I forget about the pain in the abdomen from the abs-exercises. The look into the mirror at the physiotherapist was enough to get me down on the floor. This is a high price to pay, not thinking about the 1-to-1-lessons I am paying for in cash. The abs-exercises hurt, but the stretching is torture. In case you want to tell me it should not hurt: I know this pain, since the exercise is an ancient yoga-exercise and believe me, unfortunately it is a fact: this exercise does hurt. It's kind of the exercise's nature: pain.

When I joined Mr Paula for dinner I almost fainted at the table, harldy able to hold the fork in my hand. The inner image of myself had not differed more from the actual image more than this time. And it uses to differ a lot, in a sugarcoating way! In case you are now surprised that I am a wreck, can you imagine my surprise?


  1. Oh Paula, this sounds painful. I like the idea of you sitting there writing thru a mask...when you need to write, you need to write! Wishing you well and back to wellness soon!

    Jeanne xxx

  2. I express my sympathy!
    I hate going to gym and doing dull exercises. When my neck and shoulder pain was at it´s worst, I just had massage. It felt heavenly.
    Sorry, I got carried away from the subject.
    I wish you will feel better!

  3. Jeanne, this "relax with a mask"-attitude is still unfamiliar to me. That's probably why I hardly ever put on a mask. The one think I love about them is how funny I look when I have it on.

    Mette, it's good to know physiotherapists do massages as well. :-)

  4. Liebe Paula,
    lass` Dich heute mal überraschen...!Ich habe eine Auszeichnung für Dich!Wenn Du mal Zeit hast, guck` einfach mal vorbei... :)

    Ich musste mal wieder schmunzeln bei der Vorstellung Deiner Gesichtsmaske!
    Wenn i c h Übungen machen müsste (was nicht die schlechteste Idee wäre...),dann würde es mir ganz sicher genauso ergehen...ein *Schlaffi* läßt grüßen, Beate ;)

  5. Hope your back heals up nicely or at least you build the strength to not cause any further damage :)

  6. "if you have no muscles in front, you will get a pain in the back, sooner or later"

    So true. I tend to just walk a lot, thinking that's enough exercise but really it isn't. I'm starting to get back pain and I'm only 21. Also I have the worst posture ever.

    Hope those exercises work for you. I'm starting with working on my posture and some simple core exercises...


  7. Jen, I think I already developed some muscels and my back feels lighter than before.

    Tracy, yes, you know what I am talking about. And a good posture is so hard to keep. Lucky you, you start early!