Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Around Work and Climate

One evening you need a beanie on your way home from work ....
.... the next day it's 23°C at 8.30 am.

On days like this, office ladies worry if they will get a headache. Yes, we spend a lot of time in the office. And inside the office buildings.
After having walked by this corner at least half a dozen times (it's on the way to the toilet)
I took a photo.

The corner is meant for smokers. You can see the ashtray on the windowshelf. The place is rarely used, because the smokers gather up in front of one of the office-doors. Sort of kitchen party principle: seek the narrowest corner and you can be sure, everybody will follow and block the doorway. Don't get me wrong, not that I mind! It is fun. *chatter chatter chatter*

Well. .... lets call this "An imitation of life." Shall we?

Sometimes you need to get out.

I guess I am ready for the next ice-cream. Have a pleasant evening!

Can anyone help me out: Why on earth do I want the Tiffany-bean-necklace in gold (design Elsa Peretti)? Out of the blue I started thinking about it day in, day out. Mr Paula would not fancy giving me a bean as a gift at all. I can not blame him. It is understandable I don't want to wear my zodiac-pendant all the time. But a bean? Really?


  1. Our weather has been strange around here too. It's supposed to be warm and sunny here this time of year, but this weekend it is going to be rainy and cold! Oh well, that just means I get to wear my favorite piece of clothing: my trench coat!

    Do you read - it's a blog I like to read. She is very funny. Her husband bought her the bean recently. And I just had to tell you!

  2. Liebe Paula,
    schön Dich *live* zu sehen (vorheriger Post) und Dein täglicher *Catwalk* vom Büro zu anderen Örtlichkeiten innerhalb Deines alltäglichen Schaffens! :))
    Du bist sozusagen eine fesche Wienerin....tolles Outfit, schöne Haare!

    Komme zur Zeit leider gar nicht so viel zum Bloggen und Lesen und hinke grad sehr hinterher.
    Ich wünsche Dir noch viele Sonnenstunden, aber hauptsächlich in Deiner Freizeit, denn dann hast Du mehr davon! :)
    Viele Grüße! Beate

  3. Dear Paula, the Peretti bean is lovely, I can understand your yearning xx

  4. Adrienne, thank you for mentioning the blog, I already visited her website. :-)
    The trench-coat surely suits you perfectly!

    Danke für deine lieben Komplimente. Na hoffentlich haben sie mich in der Firma nicht als Ersatz gewählt, weil ich halt so fesch bin. *gg*
    Mir geht es übrigens genauso wie dir: mir fehlt gerade die Zeit zum bloggen. Vor allem weil die Baustelle vis a vis so unangenehm ist, dass ich in der Früh schaue, ehestmöglich in die Arbeit zu fahren. Davor habe ich gerne ein Frühstücksposting geschrieben. Jetzt reicht es gerade für Kommentare. Und das auch nur knapp. Na ja, wir sind ja da. Auch so. :-)

    I guess the photo will be online soon. (still waiting for it to arrive at the store in Vienna).

  5. Your photo of the beanie made me laugh. Here in Brisbane it's "cold" - about 18 degress in the morning and some people I notice on my way to work are so rugged up, they look like the should live in Siberia!
    The Tiffany bean is lovely...I also laughed at your comment, "out of the blue..." when you were referring to Tiffany!
    Did my email response with attachment come through? I've been having issues with attachments lately...

  6. SSG, I just realized, the beginning of this posting already refers to the (blue) bean! Sorry, I did not get back to you, yes!! the attachmend arrived safe and sound, thank you for sending it over to my mailbox :)

  7. HI Paula, isn't that weird that you have to wear a Beanie to work in (almost) summer! I had a bean, but I gave it to my goddaughter. It's gone to a good home.

  8. boohooo, all my comments on your comments are gone. Once more:

    Adrienne, thank you for recommending the blog, I already payed her a visit and commented. Yesterday I ate green beans, the small beans inside the tube look a lot Peretti's beans.

    Beate, Danke für dein Kompliment, das wärmt. Mir geht es ähnlich wie dir, ich komme auch nicht so viel zum Bloggen wie ich gerne täte, zumal ich viele Fotos mache, die jetzt auf der Festplatte darauf warten hergezeigt zu werden.

    Blighty, still yearning ... stage 2 started: I picture the bean around my neck even when it's not there.

    Louise, today in the morning, at 13°, cold winds, riding my bike, I was glad I still had my beanie in my pocket. Might become a allrounder all year. round. I had no idea the other bean is known all over the world, except here in Austria. Maybe it is the "Speedy" when it comes to necklaces? And maybe I am a little late, at 38yrs, yearning for something daughters get age 16 or 18. :-)