Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Proud and Happy

I realised how much I enjoy seeing other Blogger's faces so I thought I'd go for it.
Staffage: Intercontinental-Hotel's directing manager (thinkers pose) and his crew
Not pictured: some design by Hans Hollein

Ok, it is not excactly a portrait. The photo was taken in action, while I was guiding a group through the City Centre of Vienna. Usually colleagues are in charge, but one co-worker got sick and I filled in as the guide. After the 2,5 hrs-tour I rewarded myself an ice-cream cone, quite proud and very happy. They applauded at the end of the tour. Bravo!

In case you wonder: yes, of course! I would be very happy to show you around. Coffee-breaks would be nice, though.


  1. Hello Paula:
    This is such a very attractive picture with your looking totally professional as the guide. We are assuming it is you on the left hand side of the picture holding papers in your hand.

    Guiding, which we used to do at the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest, can be both rewarding and tiring. We hope that the icecream was good.

  2. Hello Jane and Lance! Thank you for your interest in my blog :-)
    You are 2 times right: 1. yes, that's be to the left and 2. the ice-cream was just perfect – raspberry/chocolate.
    I was well prepared, I even prepared my face, putting on a 30SPF. Is the Ludwig Museum connected with the Ludwig Collection of Contemprary Art in Vienna (on display in the Mumok)?

  3. Great photo! Great post!

    Love the white skirt!

  4. Thanks Paula...
    It does give readers and followers a face to put with the posts.

    You look very comfortable leading the group...the ice cream must have been a nice treat after a busy day.

  5. You look very chic in your ensemble.
    I like to be able to put a face with a blog - so thank you for that!

  6. ahh paula! you are beautiful. i just knew you were. you look ver professional and whatever you were saying, they all seem very interested. thanks!



  7. Quite beautiful. So nice to see you here:).

  8. Jen, thank you! The skirt is a classic, more than 10 years old, it's Y3, maybe you know the brand - Yohji Yamamoto for adidas.

    Hostess, thank you! Your blog provides even 2 faces, Pepper!

    Adrienne, some of your recent postings triggered this posting. btw, the ensemble is more than 10 years old (Y3, Bally, H&M).

    janet, Thank you so much for the kind comment :)

    Lisa, your face was also on my mind when I decided to go for it. I think you started off with sunglasses, too. Well, there is probably more to come. ;-)

  9. Hey blondie! *wolf whistles*

  10. Paula, you look lovely, beautiful and the most marvellous hair, thank you for showing your face to your blogfriends xx

  11. Hi gorgeous --

    Love those looks of rapt attention on most of your tour group's faces. As it should be, right?

    I hope you're ready to make the touring a regular thing...I bet word's got out that you are an excellent substitute.

  12. Tabitha, we know this phrase is worn out: blondes have more fun. After 37 years being a brunette I enjoy the blondie-status very much.

    Blighty, thank you! I thought I saw your face, too, but I am not so sure anymore. Maybe I just made it up?

    Vix, rapt attention sounds good! That day I did feel gorgeous if I may say so ;-)