Friday, 20 May 2011

Big Hair and Polished Beans

I am getting ready for my birthday. Of which more later.

The light as seen above is the harsh morning sunlight. I grew up facing west and have been facing east for the last 16 years which means morning sun. But for only 1 year we have been accompagnied by these marvellous curtains:
No wonder, silhouettes have been fascinatung all cultures over centuries – they are too cute.

I initially bought the curtains because I did not want the workers to see me in the morning.
Truth is: the curtains do not only block scenes like this one above, but also turn the harsh light into a super-pleasant airy atmosphere. win-win.

No, win-win-win, now that I discovered the shilouettes.

This stool, completing the dressing-table setting, has been on my wish-list for a long long time, ever since I bought the dressing table, 1 year ago.
Stools are hard to find these days, probably because dressing-tables are out of fashion?

Dressing tables work wonders. They make you create big hair:
You have to believe me - no, my hair does NOT stay like this. Not even for 10 minutes.
Um, the big hair is what I actually want, and not something I am afraid of.

Lets stay in the bedroom a bit longer. At night, before turning the lights off, I like to read. Well, I don't like to read, I HAVE to ... for example the programme of a play we saw earlier this week.
After reading a few lines on Chekhov's (now that was difficult to spell) youth, the programme slipped right off my hands. Sweet dreams. Knowing, the blue box awaits me the next morning.
Back to where I began, et voila, I make it short, tada: the bean.
Happy almost-birthday to me!
It is very shiny, very light, very me.

I wonder if the endings of essays at school had been my weak spot? It seems as if I am not very good at endings. Here it is, today's ending:
The moment I leave the house, I never know what to expect. A tractor would be considered being a less expected sight.

Have a wonderful weekend and never forget your sun-screen! I don't want to see any sunburns when we meet again,


  1. Oh the bean is beautiful in gold, happy almost birthday to you!
    My husband is like you, he "has" to read to get to sleep, it drives me nuts, I like to lie in the dark, think and drift off

  2. What a sweet little bean...
    and I think your hair looks fabulous!

    Happy "almost" Birthday Paula!

  3. Your hair looks fantastic in that photo! Also the necklace is very beautiful.

  4. Tabitha, Thank you! You know, I had to become a blondie so I could discover the fun golden jewelry provides. I am very happy now.

    Hostess of the humble bungalow, the next moment the "big" hair was gone. I am glad I don't listen to my mother who says women around 40 should wear shorter hair. hehe.

    Jen, thank you! You have straight hair by nature, too, right? Did you ever try to make it bouncy? Any tricks? Or are you flattening your curls?

  5. Paula,

    Your hair looks so gorgeous and healthy! I am envious!

    I am happy to hear you got the bean necklace you have been wanting. It's lovely in gold. When is your birthday?

  6. Hi Paula,
    Wishing you a very happy birthday!!
    Is your birthday today (21 May?)
    Your hair looks fabulous and I love the Tiffany bean!!

  7. Happy Birthday season! Glad you got the gift you've been wanting, with the stool as a bonus.

    The hair is very Bardot on you. You need to find an expat from the US South; she will teach you how to make and KEEP your hair as high/big as you want it!

    ps Love the rug!

  8. Adrienne, please, don't be envious, because a few minutes later the big hair is gone and left are linguine - straight and heavy. I am a Gemini, born in the 2nd decade. Somehow I fear to tell too much if I tell my exact birthdate.

    StylishShoeGirl, thank you! I bet you love the bean! It is the first piece of gold I ever bought and it is very pleasant. btw: since the Ischalgia is history I hope to jump on the couch25k-wagon again soon.

    Vix, thank you! Friend H sees the Bardot in me, too. Très aimable. I start looking for the expat. Maybe I will "attack" tourists and ask them to tell me their secret. The rug comes from my parent's home. When they moved they gave a away a lot of rugs.