Thursday, 5 May 2011

Clean Sweep

Some of you noticed how clean Vienna is. Apparently it is clean. You see a lot of containers in the streets for all sorts of garbage. "48" is the number of the city's municipal's administration for waste management.

The "Sammelstelle" collects batteries, old oils and all kinds of waste that might be a hazard to the environment. The green containers collect metalls, plastic, glass ... Austria once was rated the world's busiest recycling nation. Maybe we love to collect?

These mattresses have to leave:
They got replaced be new mattresses, I named the new ones "marshmellows", because they are so sweet and tender. Mr Paula still giggles when he goes to bed because the new mattresses are so soft and exciting. I want to be on the safe side, that's why I kept the old mattressed for 4 weeks, having heard all kind of back-pain stories, resulting of new mattresses.

Since the mattresses are way too big for our waste container, we drove them to the "waste-plant" as I call the place where you can hand your huge waste.

On our way to the waste-plant sightings of more waste-containers.

The white T is a success. After weeks of searching I finally found my perfect white T. Where? At benetton's men's department.

Arriving at the waste-plant:
Yes, I was truly excited! I have a liking for industrial sceneries.

I expected the visit to be fun. First, you get rid of huge bulky stuff. Which equals positive energy. Ultimate de-cluttering. And second, you get to see some neat appearances:
Washing machines, boxed in a container and ot left behind in the woods. A+

When we arrived at the entry, an employee told us to drop the mattresses in the shovel of the excavator. This IS the perfect storage for any mattress:
Our two mattresses are in good company.
Call me easy to entertain, but this view made my day.

Since we already were with the car, we made the most of it and went grocery shopping by car, a very rare event:
What is going on? Thanksgiving weekend ahead?

Everyone is shopping like crazy.
Saturday's are probably always like that, only that we avoid those crowds.
Go, Mr Paula, you can make it !

It's one day after the wedding. The sighting of this wettened my eyes:
ahhhhhh .... the wedding ....... *sigh*

They can wetten your eyes, too.

I never nocited before, how they pack the the onions in matching colours: orange net for the yellow ones, purple for the red ones and white for the white ones. What also wettens my eyes is an additional, new construction site in front of our appartment that started today.

Not only did someone decide to they tear the building vis a vis apart, now they also started to rip the street apart:

Digging deeper

Yesterday evening I got home and saw the notice in the entrance, informing us of the new construction site, there was only room for one thought: This is more than I can bear.
Believe me, this is just the beginning ....


  1. Hello Paula:
    Such industry. Clearly Austria leads the way [certainly as far as Hungary is concerned] in the field of recycling. This is all so good to see and the whole process is obviously very well organised and highly efficient.

    We do hope that sleeping on the new mattresses is proving as successful.

  2. new mattress! I love new beds. Especially new mattresses with new sheet and duvets and pillows.

    We have similar recycling in Canada. You go to a large depot and they recycle everything! It's best for electronics and old appliances.

    I dislike grocery shopping on saturdays as well for that exact reason. I prefer to go later in the evenings, when there are less people.

  3. Jane and Lance, the new mattresses are very relaxing. Bedtime turned into a happy time.

    Jen, I also bought a new pillow. Maybe new covers will follow. Mr Paula somehow had fun when he overheard the men talking with their wives about groceries. Conversations we don't lead. Ususally he asks me what we need and he rushes off to get it :-)

  4. Hi Paula,

    So smart of you to hold on to your old bed in case the new one didn't work out.

    I like how convenient it is to get rid of batteries and the like - we have to drive across town to recycle ours. It's a real pain.

    Saturday shopping is chaotic! I try to steer clear of weekends at the market.
    I'll never look at bags of onions the same way again now that you've pointed out they're color coordinated!

  5. We have the same sort of recycling places here for large stuff, nothing we like more than a trip to the dump, very therapeutic. Good luck with the new bed, such an important purchase

  6. Adrienne, yesterday it struck me: and the lemons come in yellow nets! I never noticed before, how much style comes with vegetables and fruits.

    just today I told Mr Paula how great the new bed is - I have been working a lot recently, too many hours in front of the computer, not enough exercise, neglecting my back and still, I feel no pain, no stiff neck, I am really happy. And Mr Paula did not stop giggling when going to bed, yet. He even said "now that we have the new bed, he is looking forward to going to bed every night". Maybe this works for your boys, too? :)

  7. What an interesting post. Love seeing life in another country!