Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Groupies at any Age

I normally would not consider myself being a groupie but when it comes to Marta and Dieter I lose my decency. Marta and Dieter are architects. Since the 1980's they've been building amazing buildings mostly in the western part of Austria. Over the last years, they finally set foot in Vienna.
Here you can see Marta guiding a group in Vienna. I guess she is the most charming, beautiful and funny woman I know. Even when she speaks about unpleasant experiences - which are part of her job as an architect - she remains calm and warm. You must be born as such a person.
Oh Marta.
Next year it will be 30 years since Mara and Dieter have founded their studio.

On to other styles of architecture.
This is part of the the entrance to the house I live in. The frame lists all the people/families who live here. I like this frame. It is analogue, appartments are still wearing names and not only numbers (you can't take this for granted nowadays)
The day someone moves out, the old name gets replaced by a new name, typed on a typewriter.

Just a street in Vienna. Typical scenerey, you might enjoy.
Oh, and this is not my desk. In this room is another desk which gets cleared every evening.
I can not imagine working side by side with a messy. The pile looks so slippery already!

Here you can witness my herbs-failure

Jamie Oliver, it is NOT like you say "yay, go and get herbs. You can keep them on your windowshelf, inside, outside, it does not metter. They grow everywhere". After 3 weeks sitting inside, on my window shelf in the kitchen, they are miserable. Lice. And other insects, one with green poo (First I thought it was the essential oil of the rosmary around the pot until my brother-in-law informed me that it was actually poo from insects. I had to dismiss all my herbs on a cure. Coriander was the worst. Very bad behaviour.

Good news: the Vienna Design Week's kick off is going to happe soon. Some of your might remember what a good time I had during last year's design week. This year the Design Week will start September 30. It's a very inspiring event, even for non-designers. I guess I am a Vienna Design Week groupie as well.


  1. I love those typewriter name labels.

  2. I think the lobby to your building is charming. When do you ever see typewriter written labels these days?

    I can't grow herbs indoors either. I have tried before and failed. I am giving it another go though - but they are plated outside in the ground this time. Fingers crossed!

  3. Paula: I tried to leave a comment on your blog the other day, but Blogger went down mid-typing and it seemed to disappear!
    Thanks you for your email! Did you get my response with the attachment? I've had a few issue with my computer so just wanted to check that it came through?