Monday, 16 May 2011

Where to Go?

Photo taken by Mr Paula on his way to his sister who lives in Ireland.

Where to go? I have been contemplating on this question throughout the day. Now is the time of the year, when everyone at work starts planning the holiday-absences, mainly to fix the holiday replacements in time, so noone can leave while they are gone. harhar.

I could leave work and travel on my own any time of the year. The situation is as follows: I end up with a lot of vacation since Mr Paula spends a lot of his vacation on his hobby which excludes me. I am quite surprised, since there is no motor inside me, driving me to places abroad.

Maybe it's due to the catastrophies that happened earlier this year in Japan – originally we planned on visiting Japan for our 2nd time in October. Plans have been cancelled. I would have visited Hokkaido, Okinawa and Kyushu - all far away from Tokyo. But Mr Paula does not like the idea at all and he is probably right.

Maybe it's a reaction to all the stress I went through when my mother was very ill earlier this year. Somehow I feel glued to the homebase in 2011.

Maybe it's the extra years that add up o my shoulders ... do we want to leave home less often, the older we get?

Maybe it's the genes? My parents have been visiting the same 2 places (one place in spring and fall, the other in summer) for years. Help! I don't see myself like that, not at age 38!


  1. Traveling, especially great distances, can be exhausting and costly. If you feel like foregoing a journey, I say stay home. You could enjoy a "staycation" and explore your beautiful city or pamper yourself at home.
    But if you do decide to go somewhere, California is always a good choice :)

  2. I put it down to the stress of your mother's illness and/or the fact that you've tried -- or experienced -- so many new things this year that you've reached your quota.

    The alternatives don't mesh with my idea of who you are, so they can't POSSIBLY be right!

    Meanwhile, I am restless enough for the both of us. If you rally, I think you should come out to the U.S.'s west coast or to Vancouver BC. Closer than Japan. ;)

  3. Please don't get me wrong - I was just thinking out loud, no way I would start fishing for invitations! (had to make this clear)

    Adrienne, a staycation sounds like a good idea. Can't remember when I had one of those after leaving university. (as a student the summer break lasted forever, lots of time for staycations)

    Vix, yesterday I got a picture what the U.S.'s west coast is like: Twilight. :-o
    A good place for people who fear any type of hyperpigmentation, no? Sounds seducing to me.

    Speaking of quota - my dream would still be a transatlantic cruise. Only I fear the seasickness or the nausea on the land by the time I arrive in NYC. 6 days filled with nothing but the view of the ocean and only little entertainment on board. Mr Paula fears we are way too young for a cruise like that. And the lady at the travel agancy totally agrees. Cunard is not the right choice people in their late 30's.

  4. Transatlantic cruise! I've been looking at them since my mother just went on a south east Asian cruise. I was looking at the Cunard too. Yes, it's a bit on the geriatric side but I think I like the nostalgia and formality. I think transatlantic cruises would be great if you have a project to finish or are learning astronomy.

    One ship has a planetarium!

  5. Hi Tracy! Good to know I am not the only underages dreaming of a cruise. Mr Paula definitely wants a cabin next to the planetarium :-) He will probably miss dinners, due to the shows in the planetarium. Wishfull thinking? Maybe he just wants to miss the smoking, speaking of formality :-)

  6. Oh Paula, I'm finding it harder to go away these days, it's all such a hassle. We're off again in a few weeks to France and there's a but part of me that just can't be bothered. I think it's only our miserable weather that forces me abroad now. I tried a cruise once, it was utter misery. Mr BP wants to do the transatlantic one too one day, I think I'd die of boredom.

  7. Tabitha, the lady at the travel agency was glowing radiantly when she told us, how she loves to spend the whole afternoon curling her hair, using the dryer hood and getting ready for dinner.
    A few years ago Mr Paula said he wants a "4" (40-something years). I bet the moment he turns 40, he will ask me to wait for the "5" :-)
    If I had the money I would book Hapay Lloyd cruise: no loudspeakers, no animation, little ship - perfect cruise for me.