Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Something Unexpected

I bet you did not expect me to report from a ... church! Last saturday we got up early, it was my nephew's confirmation. The mass took 2 hours, long 2 hours, but everybody was holding up bravely. Dusty Pink is a colour you find in the church, flower brooches and marble

It was a perfect day, blue skies, the inside of the church came to light:
Can you spot the dusty pink above the altar to the right?

The preacher kept on preaching ...
After the mass I had Lyle Lovett's song Church on my mind.

I would love love love to post more these days but the disbalance of work/life wont let me. I find myself reading during every dinner/lunch-break since I need to prepare myself for some tasks ahead. pfouh, Don't like it that way but it's they way I chose.

The bean has been around my neck for the last days and everybody sees something different in it: heart, kidney, bean, ...


  1. What a gorgeous church.

    I am glad you checked in with us. I look forward to reading more when things settle down for you.

    Happy you are enjoying your bean!


  2. I am impressed by the ornate details of the church.
    Our churches have such a range of architectural styles from the high cathedrals to the modernist minimalist.

    Life can interfere with blogging!...
    Carpe diem!

  3. Kidney bean!

    If I remember correctly, someone's veil caught on fire during my confirmation. Keeps things entertaining.

  4. Adrienne, it is so nice to have you around, commenting. Thank you for that!

    Hostess, I had plenty of time to look at the details. Kept me from falling asleep. ;-) I really liked the dusty pink marble. And that I could see the trees through the windows.

    spaaorsandsparkles, I knew this would meet your style!

    Tracy, exciting picture you created in my mind. Veils are not a la mode around here. For safety reasons?