Sunday, 1 May 2011

Inside Out(skirts)

I have to admit, there is not really a story to tell. Just a lot going on. Indoors and outdoors, the photos speak for themselves. If you are not interested in urban development and architecture, this posting might bore you. You are warned.
This is real. And it is a snapshot.

Friend A. made me visit the university library. I have not been there in a while. I studied at another university, I am not familiar with this place.

Behind a door you find some modern interior. Ok, lets say at least 40 years old :-)
The patio, where families informally celebrate their sons/daughters/nephews/nieces who just obtained their master-degree.
Outisde the university. It is ime to leave this idyllic spot and move on, East, across the Danube river ...
... where other structers await me.

This photo was taken across the final stop of the underground line nr.2. The city government decided to extend the underground line to this point. The day they opened the new stations, one politician said "it is like a ride to the country side". He was right!
  It won't remain like this much longer.
Close to the terminal stop, you will already find huge housing developments and girls who are not impressed by the scenery at all
Some buildings are already finished.
I like the typo

Some houses are tinySome come with a view ....... and some come without.Some green stuff needs to grow yet
Some ways are very graphicSome corners remind me of modern quartiers in Paris
Some offer a dry and secure place for your bike.
This is something I've always loved - visiting new residential areas. After all the walking and windy weather, time for a break.If you are looking for a quiet café in Vienna, you should visit the Café Bräunerhof. Eastermonday, lunchtime it was exceptionally quiet.
Beautiful windows, beautiful entrance.
Today for once I went inside the Albertina museum, having taken lots of photos of the exterior recently.

Now I am glad to be back home. It is true, since the crane had been installed vis a vis our appartment, I get so see cranes everywhere.

These flowers move in the wind, there has been a lot of wind blowing recentlyCrane matching with flowers. Will it turn purple as soon as the next flowers come to bloom?

Have a nice sunday evening, for us it will come with soft oatmeal cookies and Fringe.


  1. Hello Paula:
    This is a most interesting collection of architectural details and projects. It is so refreshing to see the totally modern alongside the classical. A very brave and confident approach.

    We visited the Albertina not so very long ago with friends to see an Impresssionist exhibition. Beautifully presented in a magical building. And, Wiener Schnitzel for lunch.

  2. Hello Jane and Lance! Excuse me please for my late "welcome!". I am happy you made it here and thank you for following! We might even meet in real life. The exhibitions at the Albertina are always a big success. It was not always like that.
    I used to post a lot on fasion and nail polish, too. Right now I focus more on larger scales. ;-)

  3. hi paula,

    i'm so surprised by all the modern architecture in vienna. here in redlands all new architecture has to mimic the old. you are blessed to live in such a beautiful city. what is fringe?


  4. I love the architecture you have in Vienna - the university and museum are fabulous. Very interesting to see how they have integrated the elegant historical lines with the modern.

  5. Are you watching the TV show Fringe?

    Great pictures! The university is gorgeous! The housing development looks good too: utilitarian but aesthetically pleasing.

  6. Janet, your comment proves, my perception of Vienna which I show her is biased. ;-)
    Fringe is a TV show, kind of the "new X Files", a couple investigating plus a weird professor helping them out.

    SSG, Vienna changed a lot during the last years, 20 years ago there were almost no highrise buildings. Today you find them in every district. I fancy the settlement movement-style.

    Tracy, yes, it is the TV show. As a student I watched Joshua in Dawson's Creek, now I watch him playing in Fringe. I wonder of the students are aware of the architecture as in the stairway at all?!