Wednesday, 12 October 2011


When life gets bitter, I am left behind, in disbelief, unable to believe, that the person you've known, who was always around, is gone for good. In my inner world, this person is still around, because he has been around and can not be otherwise. Until you come to rest and find yourself being unable to understand this new reality and how nothing will ever be like it has used to be.

I did not know this is a classified phenomenon - "The first stage of grief" (shock and denial). Does this mean it is ok, to deny the new reality?


  1. That is so sad. It was kind and thoughtful of you to surround your colleague with listening ears.

  2. Oh that's terribly sad and your colleague would certainly appreciate your support. Often we turn away when things are painful because we feel uncomfortable and are afraid to say something wrong. I think it is best to just be there and listen.

    Your colleague will be needing empathy and sympathy for some time to come. It sounds like you are there for her.

  3. Sorry to hear about the loss. It's sometimes the only way to grief to begin with is shock.....

  4. Susan, I am glad that I work in an environment where it is possible to pause when necessary.

    Hostess, we won't turn away too soon.

    Jen, thank you!

  5. In lack of words - just wanted to send you a "virtual hug" (well, at least it doesn't have to travel too far ;-) xox, Macs

  6. Macs, Danke! Ist gut angekommen ....