Wednesday, 5 October 2011

What Fits in an Evening - a Lot!

There are easier things than keeping up with a blog when you live an exciting life. Susan, guess what an coincidence: yesterday we paid the MAK a visit!
What would make a better after-work-eye-candy than glass ware!

The designer Christian Haas collaborated with Theresienthal, a Bavarian manufacturer. The craftsman work the designs from their eyes - they look at the master design and then they transform it to the glass free hand!
I liked the ISS floating through space on a high end glass product. He adds ironic details where you need to take a second look to see it. At first glance you are blinded by the sheer beauty of the product itself.

Here you see the designer

After the glass ware we headed on to the Nespresso exhibition, theme was recycling. 10 years ago we refused to drink Nespresso at work because we could not stand the waste these machines produce. I studied in an environmental-focused field, so it was clear I would rebell against such a waste machine. To my surprise most of the co-workers (mainly educated in technologies and economics) were also against the coffee maker that produces one waste capsule per cup. Yesterday at the exhibition I realized how right we were back then: I mean Nespresso calls for entries for recycling solutions, sustain.ability, they ask how people can deal with the capsules and the whole system they built around the recycling process. Horror!
I knew back then that this product is not the future speaking in terms of sustainability, but until yesterday I had no idea how bad it actually is. Designers came up with ideas how people might collect the used capsules at home and bring them back to the store, 70% of the customers have stores nearby where they can return the capsules. Some designers invented ideas what the other 30% could do with the waste. One entry said that from all the capsules collected in one day, 1 child in the third world that suffers from hunger can be saved. 1 child? Looking at the company that stands behind the capsules, I would say they could save 1 child every minute of the day.
Coffee!!!!! Coffee is one of the most easily to compost goods in the kitchen. How a company could design a whole waste circle around something like coffee is miraculous. Ok, I stop here because I made my point clear how little I appreciate what this company is selling.

On to some far more relaxed environments: the Akademietheater. We had almost forgotten that we had tickets for yesterday's play, Thomas Vinterberg (yes, Dogma!), "Die Kommune"

Taking a break at the theatre cantine. The man to the right was on stage during the play.

The interior design is outdated and I hope it stays like that for another 40 years.
The crowds are coming
The Beginning
The Ending

And off we were to the MAK, Museum of Applied Arts, where the Coffee-House-Experiment Part II opened yesterday. How convenient, my jacket fits in the LV Neverfull, because there is no time to lose at the cloakroom.

Cute museum staff explaining the interactive exhibition device that showed me around.

I kept this photo in orginial size, you can read all the components that make a Viennese Café. Cute!
In the basement an architectural exhibition opened the same evening, on vertical public space.

Speaking of vertical public space, now I have a 360° scaffolded view at home. Not only the house vis a vis is under construction, our house, too!


  1. Cool! I'm so glad to know we were both in the same building :).

    The glassware at the top is so beautiful. The MAK has a beautiful glassware collection, did you see that?

    Nespresso is a new word for me, I had to look it up. Terrible!

    I had no idea about the Lobmeyr chandeliers at the Met, here's a NY Times article about them (I just noticed the author of the article, James Barron, is a guy who used to date my stepsister years ago).

    Thank you for sharing highlights of Vienna design week!

  2. I love going to the theatre, it's my favourite night out but I very often fall asleep - I just find it so conducive to snoozing.

  3. Liebe Paula,
    wenn ich Deine Bilder sehe, bekomme ich richtig Lust Wien anzuschauen....!So interessant und Euer *Kunstevent* ist ja wohl allemal ein Grund neben tausend anderen....! Süppchen kannst Du mich im Herbst jetzt auch locken. Erst neulich habe ich wieder eine interessante Kürbissuppenvariante im Blogland entdeckt ( Apfelsaft!Bloß bin ich gerade am Überlegen wooo das war?!Frau wird mitunter etwas vergeßlich... :)).
    ...und nein! Im Galetterezept war kein Zimt vorgesehen, aber da können wir uns ja getrost mit etwas Zimt und Kardamom austoben. Ich liebe das nämlich auch. In meinen Milchkaffee streue ich jeden Morgen dieses *Doppelpack* aufs aufgeschäumte Milchhaupt!

    Genieße noch die letzten, schönen Sonnentage bevor wir wieder alles Dickmaschige aus den Schubladen ziehen!
    Beate :)

  4. oh gosh, I have been sooo busy, I forgot to reply to your comments!

    Susan, I am happy to report what's going on in this city designwise.

    Tabitha, unfortunately they cut the length to 2 hours (plays used to be much longer), people used to fall asleep back then.

    Beate, heute habe ich Kürbissuppein der Thermos mit bei der Arbeit. Suppen sind einfach wunderbar! Ich habe sie vor einigen Jahren für mich entdeckt als ich die Grippe hatte und habe sie seitdem weiter kultiviert.