Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ways to Work II ... and to VDW

Since photos taken in the streets of Vienna seem to please you, I took some photos on my way to work and later in the afternoon on my way from work, heading towards the Vienna Design Week.

Today my day started in the kitchen, I peeled and cut and boiled this wonderful vegan soup:
Soup, brought to work in a Thermos, consumed throughout the day, last dosage given before heading to the next VDW presentation, keeps my energy level high.
Since silken tofu and yoghurt are not always available at our fridge, I reduced the soup to it's minimum - veggies.

It's akward having fingers that smell of onion and garlic in the morning, before breakfast! And I left the house with my smelly fingers* and found these gentlemen approaching:
Our house is getting a face-lift (leaving the house in the morning)

The streets are wet because they get a wash every morning.
The autumn light has been exceptional for days in a row!

A few hours later, heading to some presentations at the Vienna Design Week:
The light is even better in the afternoon!
Uli Budde unfolded a diamond at Köchert est.1814.

We attended three presentations, such a nice atmosphere at every venue!

Installation at J. & L. Lobmeyer

I heading off to some events plus a theatre play! Event collisions!!
And I take extra care I don't spill any soup on my favourite shirt - the Armor Lux striped cotton. Armor Lux is a brand that origines in Quimper, Brittany. That's where you find B&B's where the old lady has black/white photos hanging on the wall with her daughters, dating back from the 1960's, her girls wearing striped marine-heavy wool sweaters, trousers pulled up to the knees, posing in front of their fathers boat, barefoot in the sand. Marine as functional wear. I will never have that "cool" the girls from Brittany had, wearing the design as 100% functional wear, but enjoy bringing some cool to this Town. Whenever I see another woman wearing those stripes, it feels like meeting a new fashion-mate in the street.

... more to come!

* my fingers were not smelly at all, I found this miracukous "steel soap" that erases all unwanted scents from your hands.


  1. Hi Paula, the soup recipe looks really good, I might try it.

    The chandeliers in those last two photos are so lovely.

    I love your striped shirt and that's funny you recognize other wearers of striped shirts as fashion mates :).

    In response to your last comment on your previous post I was going to tell you that our very favorite museum we visited in Vienna was the MAK Applied Arts/Contemporary Art museum. There was an architecture exhibit in December that was really fascinating.

  2. I wouldn't have even known Vienna had a Design Week. It's so hard to keep up with this big world, so thank you.

  3. Susan, did you know Lobmeyer designed the chandeliers in the Met, too? WIth Swarovski crystals. The design is still available in the store. In a much smaller scale of course.

    Lisa, thank you for taking your time to keep up with this corner of the world. It is the familiar atmosphere that made me a big fan of the design week, the chance we get to talk with the artists, meet them in person, just so, after work, in fields we are normally not interested in at all. We learn so much about crafts, too. There are endless reasons for me to love this week in the year.