Friday, 7 October 2011

Why would I Wear This?

This is what happens when the Design Week Adrenalin drops and you find yourself wearing this:
Unflattering jeans

The last pair of jeans left in the drawer. There is a reason, why they are still tidy while all the others are used and dirty.
Because they are the most unflattering pair of jeans I could imagine!The harvest of one intense week out: Baskets and more baskets waiting ot be laundered.

Yesterday evening I went straight home from work, laundering and cooking.

I still enjoy my "cleaning out the kitchen cabinets"-mood (=using what you have instead of buying what you won't use). 1 pumpkin and several potatoes needed to be transformed. The way it works is easy: I google "ingredient #1 ingredient (potatoes) #2 (=pumpkin) jamie" and I always and up with phantastic recipes! To quote Jen from the baked life: 'nom nom nom'.

So if you end up with a some vegetables lacking the inspiration, you might want to give it a try.

Many people see cooking as a form of punishment. To me it is a way of recreation.

The dish before serving:
It was so yummy and tasted even better the following day.
(Not seen on the photo: a drizzle of olive oil I sprinkled on the dish after taking this photo.)


  1. Ha! We've all got pants like that somewhere:). I use mine for gardening.

  2. Susan, thank you. I wish you a great weekend, too! :-)

    Lisa, thank you for sharing this with me. At the Paula residence we live without a garden so those jeans definitely have to go.