Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Truth ...

Jill from Everything Just So tagged me with the "Tell me about yourself"-Award. Thank you Jill!

I am asked to share 7 things you probably did not know about myself ... here they are:

On Blogging:
I feel comfortable where Bloggers reply to comments. It feels akward commenting without a dialogue.

On Education:
My parents decided it would be better for me to take the scientific branch in school instead of languages, since my older sister had struggled with the languages at school. In the end I struggled a lot with 3-hours-long-written-exams on physics. You know, Heisenberg and so ...

On Sucess:
Age 28 I was unemployed for over a year and I decided I wanted to learn french. I started watching french movies on TV5 with french subtitles (TV5 repeates the movies 3 times a day and time was what I had no end back then). I also took classes and 5 years later I headed to Paris and returned with recorded interviews I had lead in french for the Austrian Broadcasting Company and also managed to translate the interviews for the dubbing.

On Women:
I met a lot of adorable women so far and all of them had brown eyes. I think brown eyes are one of the best features a woman can own.

On Sleep:
I am an "owl": I could stay up forever and sleep till noon. At school I loved to go babysitting, especially the late night jobs, where the parents would come home at 2am. I sat in the kitchen and drew fine pencil graphics, studying light and shadow-still lifes. I still remember how the heating went off in those houses past 10pm and how cold it got ... but never got tired.

On Peculiarity:
Compared to me, Sally (When Harry met Sally) is low-maintenance. I keep wondering, how my friends can bear me. Friend B totally understands why I travel with a water kettle and a pillow (yes, there are hotels on this world, that don't provide a water kettle and the pillows are stuffed with down feathers which I am allergic to).

On Paula:
That's not my real name. But you knew that already, no? ;-)

I like to pass this award to following bloggers:

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  1. I didn't know Paula was not your real name, will you be telling us anytime soon?

  2. Leslie, I fear I contain this Rumpelstilzchen-gene within myself that makes me feel uncomfortable telling my name in public. Funny though that it is OK for me to present my face, temporarily at least.

  3. I assumed you were really Paula!

    It's ok though if you prefer to remain anonymous :).

  4. Thanks for passing along the award! I'll post my facts sometime next week. By the way - I totally thought Paula was your real name!

  5. Liebe *Nicht-Paula* :),

    ich muss gerade mein nach Wien gerichtetes inneres Auge mit einem anderen Vornamen für Dich belegen....keine Paula!...mmmh....Auch gut! :) Eben anders.

    Witzig,wie einen das kurzfristig etwas überrascht (so ging es meinen Vorkommentatorinnen wohl auch), wobei ich das absolut legitim finde. Vorsicht ist im World Wide Web immer angebracht.

    Für uns bist Du nun auf ewig *Paula*....das hast Du nun davon... ;))

    Dein letzter Kommentar ist wie ein perlender Lieblings-Prosecco in meine Seele hinuntergerutscht....wie schön! Ich danke Dir sehr für das Kompliment.

    ....und natürlich auch für den Award, wenngleich ich dies meistens als allzu verpflichtend empfinde und daher nicht so der geeignete *Träger* bin.
    Aber ich schätze es sehr, wenn jemand an mich denkt und freue mich dennoch.... :) Darum DANKESCHÖN!!!

    ....und zugegebenermaßen unterscheidet sich diese Anerkennung in ihren erfährt etwas mehr über eine Person und es macht das imaginäre Bild etwas runder.

    ...d.h. ich werde Dir demnächst einen Post widmen (nach reiflicher Überlegung in welchen verstaubten Nischen ich Feldforschung betreibe...)!Mal gucken, ob mir da was einfällt.

    ...laß`Dich 7x überraschen!

    ... und ich bin immer dann fein raus, wenn ich mit meinen Kontaktlinsen im Auge Zwiebeln schneide....da dringt nichts durch
    die Augapfelfestung!

    Regengrüße aus unserer Region,

    Beate :)

  6. Susan, I love my nom the plume a lot!

    Mrs. Stranded, I looking forward to the reading your facts. It is said that our name shapes the way we feel and act. I could not imagine the contents of this blog without the Paula within me.

    Beate, du wirst lachen, für meine Freunde in Wien, die hier mitlesen, bin ich die Paula, die das alles schreibt. Ob ich es bereuen soll, das imaginaäre Bild um eine scharfe Kante ergänzt zu haben (die Wahrheit über den Namen) scheint direkt eine Unrundheit auszuösen. So eine "Bombe", die ich da habe platzen lassen. :-o
    Ich freue mich schon auf die Überraschung und bin gar nicht so unglücklich, dass es regnet. Da staubt die Baustelle vis a vis gleich weniger.

  7. Can only say Thank you for now! Haven't "known" you long enough to get too acquainted to the name Paula, but will probably still refer to you as such. ;-) best, Macs

  8. Hi Paula, great answers, thanks for doing this post! I love how you learned French, I am kind of an owl myself, I have blue eyes but sometimes wish they were brown, and did NOT know your real name is not Paula! So I am glad you did this post and I could find out more about you.

  9. Hallo Macs! Thank you for becoming a Follower, you know, I can almost count the people who follow my blog by counting my fingers and toes. :-)

    Jill, reading all the comments, including yours, shows what a clever nick-name Paula is/was. Thank you again for the Award and your interest in my blog.