Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Painting your Face


Here you can see, what I put on my face for work. The tools are laid out neatly on my dressing table, with morning sunlight shining through the curtains:
from left to right:
foundation to cover blemishes, rouge, lipstick, gel eyeliner, kajal, mascara

The tools remind me of the tools I used for water-painting. Painting the face is fun and playful, I guess that's why I am doing it. Eyeliner has such a transforming power, makes your eyes look so different, so much better! The same with blush - 100:1.

Yesterday was a long evening out, I can use the transformation today!


  1. I'm so lazy now, I only put on a full face when I'm going out at night, the effort of hair and make up makes me feel like a transvestite these days!

  2. Tabitha, your make-up and hair is my jewellery: I used to feel like a Christmas tree, when wearing chandeliers instead of studs. I wait for hair-weather (=weekends with bad weather and plenty of time for hair. the mask sits in the drawer and will be dried out if I don't start using it soon!)

  3. What did you think of the film?

    I try to wear make up every day now but I don't always have time to put it on.

  4. Susan, the film was beautiful! Mephisto was acting like no actor today ever would and in the beginning Gretchen was pure like an innocent Manga-mascot - huge eyes, plain face. The scenery was thrilling, the way they built the steep narrow streets in the small village (of course they were not there, you think you see it but what you see are the steep roofs). And at the same time it was very expressionistic, Murnau, the director, played with almost experimental effects.
    There were also very funny scenes and the audience laughed out loud. It's wonderful, when a movie from 1926 still can make the audience, sitting in the concert house, laugh out loud.
    PS: the live music (contemporary composition) was 10/10.