Friday, 21 October 2011

Two In – Two Out

You might be familiar with the mantra of simplifying and de-cluttering: One in, one out. Which means everytime you bring something new into your home, something has to go.

During the month of October I managed to pick to new things, I have been longing for over months. How handy it is that two old things are no longer of use or already used up.

Funny photo! I took it in my bed-room, on the top of the chest of drawers and it looks cropped!

The Dior lipstick is supposed to be a really nice lipstick. Hm. The packaging somehow made the lipstick smear all over the tube and the formular made my lips chip like crazy. I am glad it's gone.
And the two new in:
Beanies are my umbrellas: since I go everywhere by bike, even in the rain, there are no umbrellas to lose. But beanies! I have been looking for a new, non-itchy woolen beanie in a neutral colour. May I tell you the blonde hair combined with the grey is a very pleasant look.

The scent - Flower Bomb has been on my mind for years! It took me that long to grow into the scent. Somehow you sometimes have to match a perfume and get ready. Years ago I tested it in a perfumery and a woman in the street walked by and burst out "WONDERFUL PERFUME!" (actually I should quote her in German, because she said it in English, which is the foreign language in Vienna, that's why it would make sense to quote her in German, since German is the foreign language at the blog). I started off with 20ml, the ideal size for the purse and for 32 EUR I get the scent for a price that does not hurt.

This morning I felt like a chimpanzee ....
... seeing the reclection of himself for the first time in his life – the new windows vis a vis mirror my windows. I have been living here for 15 years and today for the first time i saw my windows "from the outside". I lost an unspoiled view but somehow the change excites me. Not much longer, and there will be neighbours living vis-à-vis I can great in the morning when I air the bed-room.

Dear future Neighbour, you better feel like greeting in the morning, because I do so!
And I promise, I will stop taking photos of your appartment. But maybe you like to tell me, how you managed to have those extra 900.000 to buy the appartment?

you neighbour from vis-à-vis.

This is what the site looks like today

We leave for our autumn vacation, starting tomorrow, I might be offline for some time, still undecided.


  1. I like the 2 in, 2 out theory. Although really hard to stick to being a woman and wanting to keep everything. The apartment beside you has come along very quickly!

  2. I look not quite right in a beanie, I just don't have the face for it but I think they look fab!

  3. Great rule - one in, one out. I've been trying to implement that, although I'm not great at it. Really cute beanie!

  4. Jen, I totally infected Mr. Paula, a 2-feet-high pile with sweaters and pants waits to be carried to the salvation army.

    Tabitha, I see you with a pom-pom on the top of the beanie, something that would never worl for me.

    Mrs. Stranded, maybe Mr. Stranded can "kick off" the process, around here it works - one starts and the other can't resist but follow.