Thursday, 9 February 2012

Alpine Destinations: Graubünden, Swiss


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Europa is one of the top destinations for U.S.-Bloggers. Last year, Une femme visited Italy and France, we literally woke up with her and enjoyed the views from her room. Later the same year, Catherine from Aesthetic Alterations spent a whole season, the Christmas season in Paris and invited us to the Louvre.

And Adrienne from Sonoma, CA will visit Switzerland and Italy. I can tell you I am already looking forward to seeing those photos she brings home from her trip together with her husband, and her great smile.

I don't know Switzerland all too well and my viewpoint is a rather narrow one: I went there to do research on bridges. But since bridges are usually there to bridge some gaps, in this case not rivers or streams but valleys, those regions might be of interest.

What I know for sure, Switzerland is the land of trains. Up and down they go, around the mountains and through the mountains. Passing glaciers and lovely residential schools, far from the next town. I thought I post some eyecandy for Adrienne right away.

Here are some photos of my short stay in Graubünden, not far from Zurich (about 1 hour per train). I stayed there 3 days.
Heading towards Chur on the train, on the shore of the Zurichsee

In this province you find St Moritz, Davos and some of the most exciting railway tracks in Europe. The Swiss love to go on vacation in Graubünden.

Graubünden is famous for its hiking tracks:
I stayed in Chur, it is a good town as a base, you can visit St Moritz and other places from there. And you find B&Bs at reasonable prices.
Sunset in Chur
View from the B&B in the morning
Oh so Swiss houses!
My research lead me to the Viamala, this was end of May, rainy weather. It could have been hot, but it wasn't. :-)
Ancients paintings on rocks
Old and new bridges
Cool bridges!

Coming up next: a trainride through eternal ice
Trains designed by Pininfarina
Linktchoo tchoo tchoo
The ice of the glaciers irs really blue! It is different from any ice I have seen before.



  1. Oh thank you, dear Paula! I love these photos and your valuable information! It is making me even more excited about our trip and so tempted to head over to Austria.

    I will be showing this to my husband later tonight...thank you again. You are so very kind. xo

  2. Beautiful photos Paula. I love seeing the Alps. Such a unique part of the world.