Monday, 6 February 2012

Visible Monday: Hoops!

Hoops for 3,99 EUR, found at the drugstore

Thank you J.Lo for reintroducing hoops on the fashion-radar. They make a huge difference.

This posting is part of the Visible Monday-project.


  1. Love them! I'm really into big hoops right now.

  2. You look great in hoops (and I love the scarf), but ick on J. Lo. There are plenty of other ladies who wear hoops! XO, Jill

  3. I am so glad you have decided to participate in Visible Monday!

    I had a pair of hoops like yours. I wore them on our last trip to Paris and lost one somewhere between Le Louvre and Arc du Triomphe. It's a good lesson to learn: leave things that you really love at home when you travel.

    That is a beautiful scarf you're wearing, by the way.

  4. I love these large hoops too, so chic! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, you look wonderful : >

  5. you look great with them :-)
    I usually avoid wearing earrings and glasses at the same time, I find it ofsets the balance somehow.

  6. I just have to say that I love your shocking comments on other people's blogs! Asking FF if she's going to tone her hair down a notch. Gold!

    1. You have to believe me, large amounts of the "shocking" here and there simply originates in the language-barrier. I need to look up many words and terms, when I can't find the right words to express my thougts. Of course I do know what the word means, but you - as a native speaker (I assume) - would not use the word/term in the context I often do – to the best of my knowledge.

      I will do my best to entertain you in the future. Chances are good. :-)
      Politicians from different nations can be very, very shocking and entertaining at the same time, when they meet at international conferences. Often comments make it to the news. Intercultural differences ...

      Enough with the demystification.
      Thank you for your visit!

      In case you are in the mood for some more shocking, I suggest this:

      or some nudity?

  7. déjà pseu, tall women + large hoops, totally works out.

    jill, teheh. I am living in a safe distance from the J.Lo-hype. I "know" her only from photos in magazines.

    Patti, thank you for inventing Visible Monday. And thank you for your compliment!

    coffeeaddict, the balance is delicate indeed – hoops only work for me when I wear a pony-tail. As soon as my hair frames my face plus the glasses, hoops would not work for me anymore.

  8. Forget the hoops ;-) - I love the scarf and especially your chic and casual way to tie it! take care, xox, Macs (