Saturday, 25 February 2012

Funny Argument on Hair-Issues

Hello Debbi and Rosemary, thank you for following!

te hehehe. You all should have seen me earlier this afternoon - when I went to a hair-salon to buy a bottle of shampoo (Shu Uemura), for my sister's birthday. I asked for a certain product and the women/stylist in the salon asked if I the bottle is for me. I said no, it's for my sisiter. Why you ask?
She said that my hair is too thin and the shampoo would not work for my hair.
That's when I frowned my eyebrows. Thin hair? Excuse me? Thin?
Having just asked my hairstylist (at another hair-salon) to cut me a Cameron Diaz-short-bob, having listened to my hairstylist who told me that he can not cut the Cameron-bob with my hair, because Cameron's Hair is thin and fine and mine is strong and thick and that Cameron would love to have hair like I have. My hair, thin? Excuse ME? May we have a word ...

I started explaing the woman that I am not naturally blonde, even though my hair colour looks natural –  I am a brunette! And you know what? Brunettes don't have thin hair. You really think, this is thin hair? And I started to go through my hair with my fingers.

The woman was Persian. She said "You have European thin hair".
Oh yes, then she told me how to use a conditioner properly. She could not know that I am the Queen of correct usage of any product and that no conditioner ever touches my scalp but only the lenghts.

It's during moment's like this, where I like to have Larry David on my mind - when I start defending my hair towards a women I have never seen before who is supposed to sell me something. No doubt, the other person IS usually doing the right thing in the situation, only Larry/me is too convinced of his/my belief, one ends up arguing. Mostly on luxury problems.

When I left the salon (with a bottle of shampoo which she recommended, not without thanking her for her advice), I reflected upon Shu Uemura's products, how Japanese and Chinese women have thick hair, Persian women probably, too. In the eyes of a Persian women, my hair might, just might seem a bit thin. It's a global market. I had compared my hair to other Caucasian hair, not realising that thick might be thick in terms of Chinese and Persian hair.

Have a nice weekend and in case you experience any Larry David Moments, try to find the fun in them. Makes life easier and more fun!


  1. Oh, a good haircut is important - and they don't come cheap! But they are crucial in making you feel like yourself and not someone miserable. I'm off for my haircut on Monday and I'm not going to admit to how much it will cost!
    I do hope that you will find a stylist who is just right for you.

  2. a good hairstylist is worth their weight in gold :-)
    I like to stick with the same hairstylist for years and the one I've had for the past 4 years always does something different with my hair, it's so much fun experimenting and seeing a slightly different style each time. The difference is almost unnoticeable, but it's there.
    Good luck in finding your perfect hairstylist!

  3. You had me at the Larry David comparison.

    Love that you two parted as worthy adversaries. You, refusing to believe your hair is thin-thin, but perhaps not-thick in a global sense. She, selling you the shampoo she feels is right for your hair.

    As for hairstylists, I think they all have a slightly defiant gene. If you beg them to cut it, they underchop. [Been there, done that.] If your a Nervous Nelly over 1/8 of a cm type, they'll got wild. Maybe you need to use reverse psychology on your stylist to get The Cameron. ;)
    ps Your hair looks way too cooperative to be what I term "thick." Enjoy its luxuriousness-without-superfluousness!

  4. If "you're" the nervous type, not "your." Geez. And here English is my first/only language, you'd think I could get it right!

  5. Share my Garden, I am a slightly reconciled with the haircut, yesterday my sister recognized the haircut! (I thought it was not noticable at all).

    coffeeaddict, that is exactly what I am looking for wearing medium/short hair: play and changes instead of stillstand.

    Vix, sometimes I feel like my life is a script, it contains some "Parks and Recreation", "Arrested Development", a bit of Larry David and (un)fortunately nothing like "Revenge" (the Hamptons, the waistlines, the Botox). :-)

  6. Don't even get me started on hair issues - I could spend hours, dwelling on mine; just so you know, I can relate. ;-) sending hugs and hoping, you'll fully be a happy camper again some time in the near future; xox, Macs :-)

  7. PS: I don't think, you're face is to chubby around the jaw at all - if you really want to do "the Cameron bob", go for it; even if you don't like it, hair this short grows out in no time. ;-)