Friday, 3 February 2012

One Word: Freezing

Window in the stairway this morning

Now the cold has hit us at large. Temperatures in Vladivostik are mild, compared to the recent temperatures in Austria. Vienna's temperature is comparable to Helsinki's.

Unfortunately some of my plants were way too optimistic and showed up much too early:
Dang. No blooming for the early blossoms. The biting cold killed them.

I don't have time to mourn over my overly optimistic plants, because we are busy mourning over the all too soon loss of our one and favourite breakfast-spot, Orlando di Castello. News are that they will have to go out of business, due to lacking success. Today we went and cherished a last "Soldier"*.
We are going to miss this Café and will have to find another place to meet. Meanwhile Marionnaud has been missing me! Well, they sent me a voucher due to "long time no see". Gut so! Very Well! Frugal January pays off. And no, Marionnaud, you won't see me in February or March, because I don't think it's polite to give me a 5 EUR voucher and ask me to spend 30 EUR at the same time.
Now what kind of attentivness would this be? You think this is a gift? I think it is exactly the kind of attentivness I can easily live without.
Especially when I can stare at iced windows for free, which is at least as satisfying if not more:
Don't you agree, those iced windows feel very "18'th centuryish", which is nice. As long as you don't live in the 18th century and experience the coldness in your bedroom at morning.

Our office-dog might not share my view. I don't remember her having been ever so torpid:

*egg+toasted baguette+fleur du sel + butter


  1. that window looks like a skating rink!


  2. What a cute dog! I love her.

    Please stay warm. I am sorry your favorite breakfast spot closed.Hopefully, you will find a new one soon.

    Have a lovely weekend! Thanks for sharing the "cool" photos of your windows.

  3. office dog? whose is she?

    I don't particularly care for frosted windows, sure it's romantic but it means it's reeeeeealy cold!

    We've been having impossible temperatures as well...I've ran out of clothes for this kind of weather and am seriously contemplating wearing my ski gear ;-P

  4. Jen, I am lucky my heating at home works. In Salzburg 30.000 households were without heating today. brrr.

    Adrienne, if we are lucky, someone else will buy the breeakfast-place and keep up the standards?!

    coffeeaddict, the dog is our secretary's dog. She never barks and always love to follow you when you leave the office and walk to the kitchen/bathroom. Except this time!
    When I showed up in the tea shop today, they must have thought I come straight from the mountains. No sense of shame here, while dressing temperature-appropriately.