Saturday, 4 February 2012

Final Destination: Schönbichler


Having circled the city centre several times over the past weeks, always on the quest for the right teapot, I almost lost hope.

So today I thought "Why not give it another go and visit Schönbichler"?, having my hairstylists enthousiastic words still on in mind. (my hairstylist does not drink coffee, he knows quite a lot about tea).

Above you see the shop-window of the cake shop Demel in the city centre. This shop is so geniunely Viennese, as is this passageway opposite of Schönbichler.
February is the season for ballroom-events in Austria = Big robes in shop windows.
Another dress I won't wear this ball-season, since I don't visit any ball this year.

Schönbichler, founded 1870 shares space with a German company, Gschwendner, two shops in one and the result is all you could ask for: traditional service and up to date selection on tea, tableware and accessoires.
The modern shop Gschwendner, with the doorstep towards the traditional Schönbichler.
Schönbichler also offers a broad liquor-section, you find mostly men in the liquor-section.

I politely asked, if it is ok to take pictures.
I have been to many tea-stores, but only this served tea and every one is invited to try a cup of fresh hot tea. That little dutch boy, sitting at Schönbichler, freezing from the walks his family and he had during the freezing afternoon, he surely enjoyed the complimentary cup of tea.
Teapots, teapots, teapots ...
... and more teapots!

Leaving the shop, happily putting a big paper bag in my bike's basket:
The side entrance is in a passageway

It was not so much the teapot but the combination of teapot and tea warmer that was challenging. I could have gotten many white teapots with white tea warmer but having had a white tea warmer and teapot in the past (with an impossible barycentre, that's why I don't own the teapot anymore), I wanted to go for COLOUR!

Looking at the broad selection I decided I had to get lucky, finally leave a shop with a teapot and I did:
The tea warmer is Denby in "Greenwich" green.
The integrated teapot-sieve is very finely woven, a feature I appreciate.

The cup in Greenwich green was a side order, -50%. Having searched for the teapot for so long, I thought I deserved a bonus cup. My cup, since I am the only tea drinker at the Paula Residence.

The reason I did not buy a Denby teapot was their size, they were all quite large. This teapot contains 0.7l, which is just right for me.
One thing I am not so happy about today is my back, I went to see a physiotherapist. My back has been annoying but no such thing as a real big pain. Well, now I sit here and my back IS in pain. Yesterday I went to see the therapist for the second time, during the therapy it did not hurt that bad. An information leaflet I'd received after the first session says it's normal and happens very often that the pain might get worse at the beginning of the therapy. The therapist definitely tickled some nerves. pffffffffh. ouch.
However, I will see him next wednesday and ask him if the pain is really part of the normal sideeffects of my back finally getting better. :-/

Oh, and on the good side: he checked my mobility thoroughly and during one move I had to lift my streched legs, lying on my back. He said my abdomenal mucles are fine, because I could lift both legs alltogether without trembling heavily.
And I thought I had close to no abdomenal muscles, since I quit running during the winter months and I only train my abdomenal mucsles after runs. Good to know there is some substance I can rely on.The therapist's office is beautiful! Very calm. And the coffeetable-books are appealing.
Back home I organised a British welcome feast for the new teapot and tea warmer. Apple crumble (forgive the french casserole dish)

to be followed by Honeyed Almond Shortbread:
At last!

How nice, the colour of the vintage Teema table (creamer pictured in front) ware matches the tea warmer.
Oh yes, the ensemble of the pot and the warmer pleases me, a lot. No more steel-thermoses in this living room.

The door to the stairway that leads towards the office is shocking. Ice!
This is how we imagine Novosibirsk, with freezing air freezes inside buildings.

It is really cold in Vienna, -10°C and you can actually feel how it gets even colder in the evening hours. You can't help but feel creepy cold air around your feet, even when the heating is on. That's why my teapot is warm-red and not cool-white.

Have a nice evening!

PS: am I the only one, who is not impressed by The Ides of March? Maybe it WAS a bad idea, reading the synopsis on Wikipedia beforehand. *ggg* I rather watch Il Gattopardo for three hours, oh, I actually did this, yesterday with Friend B. Enjoyable! Films like that should be seen with company and better at home, because our comments made the movie memorable. Especially during the scene, where the dusty family attended mass.

And to quote Lisa, from Privilege: No remuneration was received for this post. The opinions are wholly my own.


  1. love the red and green combination :-)
    I usually drink coffee but when it's cold like this tea feels great

  2. I'm trying hard not to drool here. I'm a low life teabag in a cup type!
    Oh you should frame that photo of your mum, I would, my family have barely taken any photos over the years.

  3. coffeeaddict, red/green is out of fashion but somehow it seems very classic to me.

    Tabitha, I would switch to teabags in an instant! If only Austrian tea-shops would provide the right tea in a bag. Irish breakfast tea - no chance! I Ireland you buy those teas in bulks like 80 bags or 100. Over here you would have to ask for a custom made deal and pay approx. 50cent per bag.
    Ok, I am a snob and like Irish breakfast tea over English breakfast which would be available at ever corner. And it's not because of the exclusivity that I like the Irish tea more, but because of the blend.

  4. What a cheerful red teapot - good choice!
    "The Leopard' is a wonderful film, every bit as good as the book. Last time I watched it on Love film which includes a fascinating background history to the making of the film which is well worth seeing.

  5. Share my Garden, I had you on my mind when I posted the photos of the teapot yesterday. Thank you for taking a look.
    Having mastered the rather long movie yesterday with bravour, we are keen on watching other "must see" films soon. I have those films in mind, that make you fall asleep when you watch them on your own, but can be best entertainmant when watched with company.
    Recommendations are welcome!

  6. Hi Paula,

    I hope your back pain improves soon.


  7. Do you lock your bike?

    I do very much like red and green together, especially in non-Christmas settings. I hate how the combination is reserved only for Christmas.

    Your therapist's office is incredibly beautiful! Fresh flowers (or really good fakes) and coffee table books instead of old magazines! The flooring and doors look good too!

    I hope your back improves.

    The food and beverage looks inviting. :)

  8. Paula, I've been following your delightful travel posts :).

    I'm sorry to hear your back is bothering you.