Thursday, 2 August 2012


 I am not the only one who is enjoying the exceptionally dry weather. 
Lets take convertible drivers for example. Now this is a big tv-screen!
 Or take those people who enjoy their breakfast while sitting under sun umbrellas.

If those people sitting in front of Café Dommayer only knew they sat down in the totally not-so-fancy part of the café, the one facing the street. The really charming part is behind the building, in a garden with a ground covered with white pebble stones. Who does not love the sound pepples makes?
I guess you have to stick to your priorities: its either "to see and to be seen" (facing the street) or "drinking coffee with decent style" (in the garden in the backyard). Although I must say the elderly couple to the right does prove style, right?
More happy people, this time enjoying their breakfast downtown.

The photos were taken earlier today, on my way to work. They are 100% drive-by-shootings. My first intention was to post another "Ways to Work Part #"-Posting. In the end I decided to dedicate these three to today's nice weather. Horray!


  1. Fancy car! I'm surprised that the owner didn't get his equally fancy television delivered instead. Vaguely reminds me of affluent suburban America.

    The cafe looks lovely, especially with that tree in front.

    All in all a nice route to work!

  2. Hi again Tracy! Thank so for your interest in my blog! :)

    Now that we moved back to the city, my way is not that nice anymore, but I make it to work on time, since the route if only half as long as before.