Sunday, 12 August 2012

Getting Ready For Caledonia - Part III

Time to watch some Scotish movies. Lets start with the Outer Hebrides.
I must admit I am not quite sure about the connotations 'The Wicker Man' evokes. The pictures I had on my mind when thinking of the Outer Hebrides were not quite the ones the movie has to offer. 
No doubt it would help to get some information on the genre firsthand, whether the movie is a romantic comedy (Local Hero) or a cult-horror-classic (The Wicker Man).

PS: I am going to close the comment-section during my absence, so in case you want to comment, do it soon! Gates will close August 23.


  1. Enjoy your trip to Scotland :-)

  2. Thank you coffeeaddict! The fears (you know, virgo and so) finally make way for joy. I hope things are going smoothly for you these days.