Thursday, 16 August 2012

Getting Ready for Caledonia - Part V

A thistle om the slopes of Schneeberg. The bees on top of the thistles seemed drunken.

No, I did not get stung by a bee or a thistle. I wore bad socks while walking in presumably good hiking boots. As a result I have blisters on both heels. Good news: my trip won't start tomorrow, which means there is a little time for the heels to heal. Plus: I know I need new socks. How knew socks can turn bad over time? And by time I am speaking in terms of decades. ;-)

We hiked for 5 hours. Interesting: on my walking-holiday I am going to walk 5 hours each day. For 6 days in a row. I am impressed. And not sure how I am going to make it. 
I feel like taking my old camera on the trip to Scotland. My wish to visit Scotland dates back to the times when I got my first and up to today only analogue reflex camera. It feels right to capture the magic landscape on film and not with digits.
Later today I am going to pick up a test-prints I shot jsut to be sure the camera still works without dust from inner components that fell apart over time (mostly plastic-sponges). It has been only 3 years that I quit using the old camera. Feels like decades ago.
Can you sense how those blisters dampen my mood?


  1. Try hydrocolloidal bandaids/plasters/self-adhesive bandages (whatever you call them in your part of the world:) 3M makes them under the brand name Temerga I think.

  2. Tracy, thank you! You are sweet. And you probably know exctly what I am talking about here.

  3. Oh, this is so exciting! Though I am just getting sorted out after my "big" summer trip and you'll be gone before I can catch up on everything.

    Sorry about the blisters. Agree with Tracy's thoughts but also need to know if you have underlayer and overlayer socks? The underlayer ones are something non-natural and wick away moisture, then the overlayer ones are awesome if cushiony wool. IME experience the combination keeps blisters done to a dull roar.

    With all the biking and walking you do throughout the week, you'll do fine with the 6 hours of walking/hiking if it's mostly gentle hillls. Is it?

    I managed to do at least that amount of walking during my trip and I was in (granny) heels on concrete most of the time. It was the day of nearly all-uphill hiking in appropriate footwear that just about killed me!

    Have a wonderful time; I'll look forward to your reports!